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All of my ocs! by kibas girl 1013

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Chapter notes: You can use any of my ocs just tell me first.
Name: Inuzuka Keira Age: 15
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Crush: Kiba Boyfriend: Neji Family: mother (dead), father (dead), ex-boyfriend (dead), brother (missing-nin), Shimura (dog) Village: The village Hidden in the leaves Ninja Rank: Genin Personality: very loving and caring, sweet, gets worried easily. Favorite food: Ramen! Dreams: To figure out why her brother killed her father and boyfriend. To get her curse removed. Biography: Keira lived a normal life up until she was 15. Her brother killed both her father and boyfriend. Her mother died while Keira was a little girl. Her brother left a curse on her stomach that burns whenever danger is near. jutsus: Ribbon no jutsu: She made it up. It allows her to control her hair ribbons with her hands. Her jutsu where she can form into a huge dog and detsroy almost anything.
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