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Alone by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hi there! This is Violet or A Vampires Butterfly. Somehow I got suckered into writing a story without yaoi! I know...its been awhile since I have done such a thing, but well here I am....Enjoy! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
Hinata was alone. She was alone and love sick. She was in love with the most oblivious idiot in the whole world.

And because of that she was alone.

Unlike other girls, she didn’t fall for a guy for his looks or what clan he was in. No, she fell for her guy for his spirit. For his strength. It just came as a perk that he was unbelievably cute and handsome as well, once you got past the idiotic-ness. She never did understand how she could be so lucky; she had no one to go against for her love. Unlike certain other girls, she didn’t have to fight to love him. She just had to tell him.

And that was why she was alone.

She just couldn’t tell him, no matter how hard she tried. Every time she had a chance, every time she had his attention. She blew it. Every single time. She was pathetic. She was weak. She was spineless.

And that was why she was alone.

But when she heard about the Konoha dance coming up, supposedly a chance to give some of the younger ninjas a break from missions, she knew this was her chance. She had to tell him. She would ask him to the dance. She would not be weak. She would not blow it.

She would not be alone.

Sasuke was alone. He was alone and angry. He hated the world in general really. He hated that his horrible pink haired fangirl was on his team, always trying to cling to him. He hated that the other idiot on his team was already getting stronger, while he was staying the same. He hated people. He hated everyone.

And because of that he was alone.

Unlike the other boys who practically drooled over any pretty girl that walked by, Sasuke had standards. High standards actually. And no one met them. Every girl that drooled over him wasn’t worth his time. Every idiot that tried to ask him out wasn’t even worth looking at. Every one that just talked to him or “loved” him just because of his looks or his clan didn’t even deserve to breathe near him.

And that was why he was alone.

The only girl that didn’t drool over him. The only girl that didn’t cling to him. The only girl that could care less about how he looked or what clan he came from. The only girl that was worth his time was the only girl that would never love him. She was in love with an oblivious idiot. The girl who was strong, silent, and beautiful, the only one worthy to stand near him, the only one he would ever even think about accepting a date offer from, the only one he thought he could stand, was already in love with an idiot.

And that was why he was alone.

But Sasuke Uchiha was not the type to give up, so when he heard about the Konoha dance, what he would have usually thought as a waste of time and just another chance to hide from evil fangirls, he saw it as an opportunity to finally win his girl over. He just had to show her at the dance that he was better than that dead last fool. He would convince her. He would win her heart. He would not hate the world. He would not be so angry.

He would not be alone.

Sakura was alone. She was alone and hopeless. She loved someone who never even thought of her as more than an annoyance and barely a teammate.

And that was why she was alone.

Unlike the other fangirls, Sakura thought she had had a chance when she was put on his team, hell that day he almost kissed her, but now it was like she didn’t even exist in his eyes. No matter how many times she tried to prove herself to him it never worked out she wanted it to. She had told him dozens of times how she felt about him. She had asked him out a million times. She had tried to show him that she cared for him a billion times. And every single time he didn’t return her feelings.

And that was why she was alone.

She was weak to him. Useless to her team it seemed. She loved him. With all of her heart she loved him. But he didn’t love her back. She had long ago given away her heart to him and it seemed he had taken it reluctantly and broken it with a very cold words. She couldn’t get it back. She didn’t want her heart back. She just wanted him to love her back.

And that was why she was alone.

So when she heard about the Konoha dance, an event she would usually just use to turn down her own personal fanboys, she easily saw it as another chance to prove her love. She would show him. She would get his heart. She not let her heart stay shattered. She would not stay weak.

She would not be alone.

So as three hearts got ready for the dance they all hoped for one thing and one thing only.

To never be alone again.
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