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Battle of the OC's!!! by prettypup

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Chapter notes: This is my new idea! Hope y'all like it!
OK! I got this idea out of no where but I think people will like it. I'm having a BATTLE OF THE OC's, meaning that people can post there OC's. Then people can post what they think about the OC's in the reviews and vote for their favorites! So whether you love to make creative OC's or want to see some of these OC's for yourself, please participate in anyway you can! Please, another important issue...NO cursing on your entries (c'mon people i'm trying to make this as kid friendly as possibe) NO Yaoi or Yuri (sorry, i don't hate gay people but its just one of my rules...PLEASE DON'T HATE ME FOR THIS) and NO lemon related things or anything you know wouldn't be appropriate because my parents read these things and they NEVER want to see ANYTHING inappropriate in my stories (even in round robins) Please follow these rules or they'll kill me! Also, if you don't follow the rules, i'll just delete the entire story and that'll be no fun...
OK here are some non-violation related rules.
Just put the name of your character, some characteristics (hair and eye color, height, weight, age, gender bla bla bla) some personality traits, who they have a crush on or something (BUT REMEMBER NO LEMON OR YAOI/YURI) and if you want to you can write a paragraph about how you came up with the character or a short story about the character or something. Okey dokey! I think that's everything. I hope this works. Feel free to post suggestions to make this whole thing more interesting. I'm not that great at creating OC's, but I created a few. They're in the next chapter. Let's get this started with Lanka, Duke, and Tagato! (my OC's)
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