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Konoha University by suzieuchiha

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Table of Contents

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Story notes: [Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or anything associated with it. Naruto is the property of the genius, Masashi Kishimoto] Warnings: Yaoi, OOC, AU.
Chapter notes: [i dont own naruto]
Sasuke walked confidently across the courtyard at the front of Konoha University. The white marble stared down at him as though scorning him for being the black spot on its perfect fašade. New students were milling nervously around inside the entrance hall. He didn’t care. He picked a quiet corner and stood scowling at his shoes. Sasuke had on his usual dark attire; black drainpipes and tight navy blue top (with the Uchiha logo on the back, of course). When he finally got bored of glaring at his feet he looked up at those around him. His eyes fell on Neji and Tenten who were already latched onto each others faces (apparently nothing had changed there). Ino and Sakura had found a new girl to enrol in their ‘popular group’, as they fussed over her complimenting her on her hairstyle (four blond bunches at the back of her head) she shot a look over their shoulders at Shikamaru who was standing beside Kiba looking bored. ‘Hn no change there!’ In fact no one seemed to have changed much over the holidays. He hadn’t. Well, unless you count the fact that his fencing and martial arts were now even better!

It was his brother that had initially fuelled his passion for martial arts and weapons training; his father had always been so proud when Itachi would train, feeling neglected Sasuke had started and found he actually had quite a talent for it. True he had never been nearly as good as Itachi but he enjoyed it. Thinking about Itachi angered Sasuke and he glared at the ground again. Itachi; the perfect son, genius, murderer of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke as the only survivor had devoted his free-time to the arts in the hopes that one day Itachi would surface.

Lost in his memories, Sasuke didn’t notice the blond boy who had just strolled through the big glass doors of the university. Many girls did though. Hearing giggling girls Sasuke tensed; fan girls had given him a bit of space since he had yelled ‘I hate you!’ in Sakura’s face last year and he had had a peaceful summer, but he was still wary. Sakura had been the Queen Bee of the Populars throughout high school and college. She was always surrounded by her giggling girls and always got what she wanted. That was until she wanted Sasuke. He had refused, of course! He couldn’t stand girls, with there giggling and flirting! It made him want to hide in a dark corner and be invisible… or puke; he wasn’t sure which. She had been very persistent therefore driving him to the point of exploding at her. But when he looked up he was relieved to find the girls attentions were far from him. They were directed at…Naruto?

Naruto was not at all how Sasuke remembered him from college. Sasuke hadn’t seen him over the holidays (he hadn’t seen anyone) and he hadn’t been looking forward to seeing everyone at KU. But looking at Naruto now he was shocked to find tall boy (still not as tall as him) with a messy shock of blonde hair. ‘He’s hot!’ Thought Sasuke, ‘Wait a sec…did I just think Naruto was hot? It’s Naruto! Not only is he a guy but he’s an annoying one at that!’ But he couldn’t help noticing that Naruto carried himself differently now; he walked at a confident and leisurly pace. That was not at all like the excitable guy who was always bouncing around being a pain. But what stuck him most was Naruto’s eyes; he hadn’t remembered them ever looking this blue! ‘Wait a second, why do I care how blue his eyes are?’ Naruto was grinning that same stupid grin ‘Stupid but cute!’ as several girls including Sakura and Ino started asking him about his summer. Sasuke surveyed the guy, lose cargo pants, baggy t-shirt with the Kyuubi on the back. Sasuke smiled slightly to himself; Naruto had always expressed an interest in the Kyuubi over the other mythological demons. Apparently how ever much Naruto had changed in appearance, he still thought it was cool to wear those shirts…and carry those bags (the large bag that hung at his side was a Kyuubi brand one too. Sasuke rolled his eyes but didn’t stop smiling until Naruto looked up and saw Sasuke leaning against the wall smiling serenely at him. Sasuke blushed and looked at the floor ‘wait a minute, why am I blushing? This is Naruto! Just give the idiot your usual glare!’ But when he looked up to do so Naruto was busy chatting away.

Feeling annoyed at himself he looked away to find something else to think about. He found it. A short red-haired boy standing in a corner by himself glaring at people through eyes heavily coated with eyeliner. He wore worn black jeans and a red vest with black net sleeves. Every piece of his clothing was artfully torn and he hand a strange shaped back pack on. He freaked Sasuke out a little; ‘Hope I don’t have to share a dormitory with him!’ Who would he be with? KU had two-person dorms and he was dreading sleeping in the same room as someone. He had never shared a room with anyone! Better yet, he hadn’t lived with anyone since the clan was dramatically reduced! He didn’t know how he was going to cope if he ending up with some snoring, unhygienic idiot!

Naruto was having the time off his life! He was surrounded by popular girls including Sakura. He knew it was quite shallow how they all suddenly wanted to be around him just because he’d changed a bit over the summer. Yes, he’d changed and he was happy with the new him. He was still Naruto, just a more chilled out, mature Naruto. But he knew they weren’t looking at him because he’d matured, Naruto had done his best to be a bit more stylish; he’d finally dumped the orange jumpsuit he had worn and grown his hair so it wasn’t quite as spiky. True, he hadn’t been able to give up his Kyuubi gear but he could tell from Sakura’s reaction that it wasn’t a problem. ‘Yes, this year my social life is going to be a bit different! No more eating ramen alone every night!’ He looked around again he recognised a few familiar faces; Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Sasuke… Sasuke… He had seen Sasuke looking at him a minute ago with the faintest smile (that was the equivalent of grinning for the Uchiha Emo Kid) and when he’d seen Naruto looking he could have sworn Sasuke blushed! Yes, blushed! A delicate pinkness on his pale cheeks but again in Uchiha terms that was huge! ‘Maybe I imagined it… Sasuke doesn’t blush. Or maybe he’s ill… yeah that’s even more plausible… I hope he’s okay… Hang on! Since when do I care about that cold emo with his glaring with those dark eyes and his hair… he has nice hair; I wish mine would go like that! What? No I don’t! Well, I do, but I bet he spends ages in front of the mirror each morning making it flip up at the back like that! Oh now I’ve missed what Sakura was saying because I was thinking about his hair!’

“Naruto are you listening to me?”

“Err, yeah of course Sakura!”

“So then, what do you think?” Sakura posed and fluffed her pink hair.

‘Oh no! What do I think about what? Damn Sasuke and his cool hair! Wait a minute… hair! That’s it! She did something to her hair! I hope she did something to her hair, if not I’ll be in trouble!’


‘Okay broad comment to avoid all possible bad consequences’

“You look beautiful Sakura!” He said giving her a big smile.

She frowned slightly so he kept smiling. Just then a young teacher with a dark brown ponytail and a scar across his nose came out of an office to the left and held up a scroll.

“Okay, attention all new students, here is a list of your room pairings and numbers! Take a look and then follow me to the Dormitory A where you will be staying.”

This sufficiently distracted Sakura and Naruto heaved a sigh of relief before elbowing through the crowd to see the scroll. It read as follows:

Room Pairings
Room 1A: Shino and Kiba
Room 2A: Neji and Lee
Room 3A: Ino and Temari
Room 4A: Haku and Kankuro
Room 5A: Sakura and Tsuki
Room 6A: Gaara and Shikamaru
Room 7A: Tenten and Hinata
Room 8A: Sasuke and Naruto

Sasuke froze. ‘Sasuke and Naruto…Sasuke and Naruto’ He read that line again just to make sure. He knew it was going to be bad sharing a room but he hadn’t thought it would be this bad! ‘Okay, I didn’t want a snoring, unhygienic idiot… I probably cursed myself just thinking about it.’ He was pretty sure Naruto was unhygienic, it wouldn’t surprise him one bit if he was a snorer and as for being an idiot… well he’d probably just been paired with the biggest idiot here! He turned to see Naruto staring open-mouthed at him. ‘He had better have changed a lot during the summer!’
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