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Uchiha Naruto by liobi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: My poor pathetic excuse for a disclaimer: I DON'T OWN NARUTO!!!! T-T


Kyuubi Speech

Kyuubi Thoughts

Inner Person

-------------- Scene Change/Time Passing

[……..] Random Author Comments Or Thoughts (RACOR)

The baby was crying endlessly into the star filled night. Arashi was staring into the child’s deep blue eyes as they changed to gold and back again so fast it was nauseating.

“My son, I wish you had not been born with this burden. You will be persecuted because of your bloodline limit. But, you will find many great friends along your journey, maybe even find out the truth about me, your mother and our family line. The sannin will pass along their knowledge and Kakashi, mine. Be safe, my little fox.”

He finished as the Sandaime walked up and said, “All is ready, Arashi.” The Yondaime looked up with a look of gratitude. “Thank you. Please, make sure Naruto is known as a hero.”

He turned toward the gathered sannin and gave each of them a pleading look, “Tsunade, please pass along the knowledge of your ancestors to my son, he will need all the help he can get to survive his trials.” he said, looking at the young appearance of the blond sannin as she gave a nod of acceptance.

“Orochimaru, please teach him to see the world through the eyes of a snake and become as clever as a serpent.” the snake sannin shifted his head in a bored manner but just enough to show that he had heard and acknowledged the Hokage.

“And Jiryah-sensei, teach him to summon the frogs and use my techniques,” he said and then gave his trademark grin, “But don’t be such a Ero-sennin around him, I don’t want any complaints in the afterlife that he was peeking in on someone’s descendant taking a bath.” he said with a laugh as Jiryah turned away and coughed rather loudly.

A shinobi appeared in a puff of smoke and with a breathless voice said,
“Hokage-sama, the demon has just taken out the fifth line and is now very close to the village, we need your help immediately!” he said, “Thank you Umino-san, I will be there shortly.” the shinobi stood up strait before shouting a forced “Hai!” and disappeared in another puff of smoke.

“Well I guess I’d better be going then.” he said as he gave the newborn to Kakashi, “Please, take care of him.” Kakashi nodded his head grimly and then started walking toward the house with the baby in his arms.

Arashi sadly watched them go before biting his thumb and performing some seals and placing his hand on the ground. A giant frog appeared in a cloud of smoke and looked down at his summoner, “So, you’ve decided to go through with this Arashi?” Gamabunta asked.

The Hokage smiled sorrowfully, “Yes. Unfortunately it’s the only way. Kyuubi can’t be allowed to cause any more chaos then it already has.” “As you wish.” the frog said with a sigh as he began to jump off into the night and toward the site of the destruction.


Kakashi had just finished writing the symbols on the floor when Sarutobi came to him and told him that everything was ready. “Very well, I guess this is it.” he said as he looked down on his sensei’s child. Why is it that the innocent always have to overcome such great obstacles? Sarutobi thought as he saw Kakashi pick up the child in his blanket and place him in the cradle that was in the middle of the candles and writing.


As they arrived at the scene of the destruction they found hundreds of shinobi already dead and hundreds more gravely injured. And in the center of all the death was the Kyuubi no Kitsune in all of its power.

“Arashi, Gamabunta. How nice to see you here, I was beginning to get bored just sitting around waiting for something exciting to happen.” it said as it began to chuckle, “Come to think of it, I haven’t had any strong opponents lately so this should be fun.”

The Hokage was ignoring the taunts as he began to start the seals to his technique. When he finished, the death god appeared as the demon stop laughing as it realized how much trouble it was in. A few minuets later it was all over and no trace was left that the demon was ever there except for the destruction it had left in its wake.


The Sandaime Hokage looked at the newborn as the seal was starting to cool down and looked into his ever-changing eyes since they had stopped changing so rapidly and were now only turning to gold and then back every five seconds.

So, you are Uzumaki Arashi’s legacy eh? He smiled as he picked the child up and rapped him in a blanket, He asked me to make sure that you become a hero but I have a sinking feeling that it will be harder to accomplish then that. “Rest well Naruto.” he said in a soft voice so that he would not wake the child, “You’ll need it.”

One day later.

After the sealing was done the child was rushed to the Hokage’s office to wait and decide what to do with him. That is, until the village leaders had found out about him and had come to him with their own suggestions what to do with him.
These s, Jiryah thought with a frown, they might as well get rid of the little subtlety they have and just suggest a public execution. I wonder if there is any cute girls in the bathhouse right now-no! Don’t get distracted right now, the kid needs all the help he can get. Still… As Jiryah was having a raging battle within himself everyone else was having one inside the room and were making the day seem particularly nasty.

The infant’s eyes had finally stopped changing and were now a dark shade of blue. He had started to giggle as a pompous young leader had started to talk but had flustered at the sight of the object of the discussion in the very same room as himself and then in a not-so-hushed-voice muttered some curses toward a demon followed by a longer string of curses.

“I believe that I have a solution that will go over quite well with the transition and all of us present. I suggest that we send this child to some of our relief workers in the rice country while they are there to help with an epidemic and protect the villagers there from the increasing raiders.” he said with an overly confident voice, “I think that we all agree that it would solve our problems?”

However, this opinion did not go over well with all of the village council as they began to mumble about themselves. As the leader realized that he was going to lose the favor of the council he started calling the infant a demon and murderer, this however did not go over to well with the council either, Tsunade in particular.

“You !” she yelled angrily, “If we did that then the child would surely die! I can’t believe that you would do such a horrible thing intentionally! Why would you do that?” she asked gaining more control over her anger.

“Why should we keep that, that creature in this village right after he attacked us? I, for one, will not be the tool of a demon’s cruel game!” he shouted before being forcefully removed from the office.

Even though most disagreed with him, the morbid meaning of his words still hung in the air. Indeed, now some of the members of the council were now wearily eyeing the child as if thinking he could turn into the fox at a moments notice.

Oh, boy. It looks like we’re in for a hell of a time now. Orochimaru thought, exasperated. Deciding that someone should take the attention away from the infant he stood up and prepared to speak.
“Indeed, the attack did come at a unfortunate time with the Teikiatsu clan thinking about making Konoha their home so I think we should decide what to do with the child and who should take care of him so we can finish the preparations for that.” No one else beside the other sannin and Hokage realized what was going on.

Heh, not bad Orochimaru. You got them concerned about another thing that they care about more so they won’t want to think about this for very long. Jiryah thought. Not bad at all.

The council, now concerned with other matters, asked if there was anyone within them willing to take the baby. No one stood up except for the leader of the Uchihas who was looking right into the eyes of the Hokage.

Well, this is an odd development. “Is there any one here that will second this?” the Hokage asked hoping that there was. A few seconds passed before the leader of the Hyuugas stood up and nodded his acceptance of the decision.

“Is there anyone who objects this?” he asked reluctantly as he waited for a voice. There was no one who stood up or voiced an objection so he continued, “Alright then, from this day on the child will be known as Uchiha Naruto.”


YAAAAYYYYY!!!!! I’m finally done with this chapter!!! It took me a week T-T. ( shut up! I get distracted easily because of some ADHD thing…. Oh well.) And I stopped for a while so it was hard to get started again. Does anyone know Sasuke’s dad’s name? Let me know, kay? ^_^
Uchiha leader guy: why wouldn’t you let me name him Sasuke? T-T

Me: shut up!! I’m not gonna let you name the main character after some emo-fag!!

Uchiha leader guy: *runs away crying*

Me: heh, heh. Sorry my friend’s a Sasuke hater so it kinda rubs off. Oh! By the way Sasuke’s dead in this fic because he died right after birth so… Oh yeah, he also had a twin sister but she’ll make an appearance in later chapters (the next one) so don’t worry. She’s one of my OCs as well as the Teikiatsu clan and if you use them without my permission I will skin you alive and then cook you over a slow-roasting fire!! They are copyright property of me so I’m allowed to do that!!
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