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Dance With Me by BloomOfYOUTH

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO.

Since I'm still working on the computer problem, a story about TenTen. My word thing is working, but my computer is being a retard.
[Note: TenTen and Deidara are the same age in this, therefore the other characters are much older along with TenTen]

TenTen jumped from rock to rock, avoiding Lee. “TenTen!! Please! I just want to speak with you!” Lee shouted.

“YOU ALREADY TALKED TO ME! I’M NOT STAYING! GO HANG OUT WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND ALREADY!” TenTen shouted. All right, clearly she was pissed to find out that her crushes were with other boys. “Well hello there, yeah.” A voice said. She only saw a bit of his clothing before turning back in fear and jumping into the water. Black and red.. familiar, eh?

Lee looked surprised as she jumped into the water, until seeing the intruder. He ran back to the gates of Konoha, deciding that he didn’t need to worry about TenTen. TenTen watched him run with her new jutsu that allowed her to have unlimited oxygen and see underwater.

“Your going to get soaked, yeah.” The man said again. Surprisingly, he held out his hand. TenTen reached for it until she noticed the mouth on it. “EEEEEEK!”

“That’s not very nice. I just have a problem and your going to freak out, yeah.” The man said again. “My name is Deidara. I suppose your TenTen.” Deidara said. TenTen nodded dumbly. ‘Hey, maybe he will take me to the Akatsuki hideout. Then I can quickly escape and come back for a short while to tell Tsunade.’ TenTen thought.

Deidara stuck out his hand again. “Sorry, I don’t really want to grab your hand..” TenTen said, looking away from the mouth. It was now sticking out its tongue at TenTen, which made her unusually uncomfortable. “Then take my arm, yeah!” Deidara said. Little did TenTen know, as she reached out for his arm, she was falling into his trap.

As she grabbed his arm, he grabbed her hand quickly. He then swung her and she landed on a rock. “Foolish woman. Never paying attention to who they’re dealing with.” Deidara said as he picked up her unconscious form. He slung her over his shoulder and walked off.


“GAARA! HEY GAARA! I NEED YOUR HELP!” Lee shouted as he ran up to Gaara, grabbing his hand. “GAARA!!”

“Lee, I can hear you..”

“Oh. Yeah. Anyways, I need your help to restore TenTen’s youth!”

“And why would I do that?”

“Because a guy who says ‘yeah’ a lot took her! And he’s from the Akatsuki!” Lee shouted. Gaara disappeared with a whirl of sand.


“Where am I..?”


“Yeah.. I remember now.. That girl threw me somewhere.”

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