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New Years Surprise by suzieuchiha

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Chapter notes: [disclaimer: i dont own naruto] chapter 1 of my little matchmaking story! r&r please
So it’s New Years Eve and we are heading for the local bar; ‘Pub Hidden in the Leaves’ (what a cheesy name). But whatever, I never wanted to join them but Naruto insisted. He said that there’s a surprise waiting at the pub that I don’t want to miss. He’s bouncing along beside me at this very moment. So here I am; Shikamaru Nara aged 18 being bullied into coming to this stupid New Years celebration by none other than Konoha’s #1 knuckle head ninja! What a drag!

Hehe tonight is going to be really good! I can’t help wanting to give myself a big pat on the back! I try to hurry Shikamaru on to the bar (I can’t wait to see the look on his face) but he’s going at his usual lazy pace. I hope Sakura did okay persuading the sand siblings to come. She was out there already on a mission that required her pretty amazing healing skills so it made sense she was the one to bring the surprise to the party. It’s so long since I’ve seen them! I hope old feelings are still there!

Oh dear it is tense in here. I made sure Neji came along like Naruto asked but the tension between him and Tenten is palpable. I had hoped she was over him but apparently not! Neji is over her, maybe that’s why she is so upset, but to be fair she was the one who dumped him! Not that I can blame her, I mean going to see Neji and finding a half-dressed Gaara has to be pretty upsetting! Oh thank heavens Naruto has just walked in with Shikamaru. He’s looking pretty smug with himself! I wonder what he has planned. It must be something pretty big; nearly everyone is here. Ino arrived a few minutes ago, and now Shikamaru and Naruto. He’s up to something; he knows it’s not a good idea to invite both Neji and Tenten.

Uh oh! I feel the smug smile slide from my face; Tenten is here! She wasn’t supposed to be here! This is not part of the plan! Ino must have invited her; those two are always together! Dammit! They’ve become the best of friends since Ino and Kankurou split up! It was a stupid split too; it’s obvious they’re still in love! But I have to do something about Tenten she can’t be here when Gaara arrives!

As we enter Konoha Temari mutters something about it being good to be back. Well she’ll be back for a while. Naruto didn’t know it but Temari is going to be staying in Konoha on a more permanent basis now she’s the ambassador. It was quite lucky really because it made my job in his little plan a lot easier. With Temari already coming to Konoha all I had to do was persuade Gaara and Kankurou to accompany us for a little New Years break. Shikamaru will be so happy when he finds out about Temari’s new position; long-distance-relationship problems solved! Tcha!
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