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Kakashi's Great Idea by suzieuchiha

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: [I dont own Naruto or anything Naruto] Okay so here goes chapter 2. Sorry it's quite a short one. Hope you like it. Read and review please.
EDIT: This was my first ever attempt at yaoi and has now been edited and corrected.
Naruto sat frozen against his tree as the Uchiha finished his loud speech with a resounding “I LOVE YOU!” Had he heard correctly? Well, yes, he was pretty sure of what had been said, but the meaning hadn’t yet sunk in. He gaped as the panting boy fell to his knees. Sasuke’s face was very red now. He was obviously very embarrassed of what he had revealed, yet he made no attempt to take it back. It was as though he had deflated now that his secret was out. Naruto didn’t know what to do. He was still in shock.

‘Sasuke has feelings for me, and not just friendly feelings! I always thought he hated me! This is too much of a contrast to handle!’

Sasuke hung his head. He couldn’t meet Naruto’s eyes. Not now! He was afraid of what he might see there; Hatred? Rejection? Repulsion? Different reactions to his accidental confession raced through his head each worse than the last. The heat of the day was still evident in the ground Sasuke sat on but it seemed as though his entire body was as cold as ice as he waited for Naruto's harsh words of discust.

That moment seemed to stretch on forever. Neither of them moved. Night had settled now but neither felt sleepy. Sitting in the silence of the night Naruto found it impossible to drag his eyes from the drooping head of his team mate. He couldn't deal with this right now, it was too much to take in, he needed time to sort through his thoughts.

Finally Naruto forced his limbs into motion and stood, removing his backpack he began to unroll his sleeping bag.

“We should get some sleep” He said faking a yawn. "We can talk more in the morning."

Sasuke followed suit, both relieved at the dismissal and anxious about the approaching 'talk'.

The two shinobi crawled into their bags on opposite sides of the clearing. Neither slept.
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