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Bad Past, Good Future by ShyShyButterfly

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This is the past of Nichi Tayu and how she decided she wanted to be better then boys.
Nichi held the kunai to the boys throat, a sickening smile on her face. The boy was struggling as she smirked and lowered the kunai.

"Remember, the names Nichi Tayu. Don't forget it." She said, fixing her green hair into a ponytail.

The boy ran away quickly, though Nichi knew if she did that again she would be slammed into a wall. She was awfully weak, but she knew how to get power.


Her mother screamed as Nichi sliced through members of the clan, her eyes a creepy black. When she came upon her mother she smiled and grabbed the sword from her fathers case. She dropped the sword with blood on it.

"Goodbye, mother." Nichi said, and the last thing heard from her mother was a scream.


"Why did you do that? You idiot! You will be put in jail!" The ANBU shouted. Nichi smirked.

"Your the idiot. You should have noticed I escaped two seconds ago." Nichi said, and her clone poofed.

"I will gain power for you, Sasori." Nichi said, remembering the boy she met when she was young. She promised him that she would get power.
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