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A New Storm Brewing by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Oni here! *giggles* If you thought Nikki and I were crazy enough with the genin you'll think we have totally lost it with their kids >
"Whheee!" a little voice squealed as its owner flew through the normally peaceful home wearing a blanket as a cape.


"...Damn it, Tobikuma, off the table!" a soot haired woman ordered as she chased her hyperactive son.

"Susu, just give it up and he'll wear himself out," the brunette sighed. "Kids... what a drag."

Susu glared at her husband as she flicked out her lighter, "You chase him around all day, Shikamaru."

Tobikuma, the two year old soot haired menice, continued to run around the apartment the family rented out. Vases crashed, blank explosive notes scattered and feather filled pillows exploded.

Susu looked at her dumbstruck, genius of a husband. "He's all your's deary," she hummed before lighting her cig and leaving the apartment.

Shikamaru was tackled by his son who now sat on top of him. "Troublesome."


The brunette slammed the sliding door of her family's home shut blocking out her relatives. "Neji, your family is a pain in the ass," she hissed.

The other brunette looked up from his work, "Like the Kenbous are any better, Saiai?"

Saiai grumbled, "At least my family isn't the one trying to control the every aspect of clan life."

Neji sighed and walked over to Saiai wrapping his arms around her waist from the back. She pressed her head against his chest and sighed until they heard a squeaky little voice, "Kaasan? Tousan?"

"Yes, Shou-chan?" Saiai asked as she pulled away from Neji and knelt down by their son.

"Did Hiashi-ojiisan leave?"

"Yes, Ojii-san left," Neji said softly as he to joined their son sitting on the ground.

Shou nodded his head and looked up with his Byakuugan eyes sparkling. "I don't like Ojii-san..."

"Welcome to the club dear," Saiai chuckled as she pulled her son in for a hug.


"Aku, your son is trying to eat the ribbons again!" a silvery haired man called.

Another man walked into the room towards the pale haired tike, "Oh, Netami dear, please don't lift a finger!" Aku mocked before dramatically sighing.

"I won't," Netami said bluntly as he watched Aku pick up the toddler and try to untangle him.

"Mine! Mine!" the toddler squeaked as Aku pulled the ribbons from his grasp before bundling them up and tossing them on Netami's head.

Netami scowled as the multicolored ribbons fell in front of his face, "Aku.." he ground out.

Aku raised the toddler in front of Netami's face, "Not in front of, Ogano-chan!" he cooed.

Ogano reached out and pulled at the ribbons on his father's head. "Mine! Mine! Tousan has my ribbons!" he squealed.

The taller of the two looked at the one holding the squirming kid who just smiled innocently. "You know that innocent thing hasn't worked on me since the academy?"

Aku shrugged and cuddled Ogano, "Heh, just a thought," he giggled before walking into the other room once again untangling the child.


"Mamoru-chan... what are Tousan and Kaasan doing?" a blonde girl asked her brother.

Her silver haired twin looked at her, "I don't know Yui-chan..."

The twins looked at each other before glancing back at their parents. "Yabane! Get back here!" the blonde yelled as he leapt over fallen furniture.

The silver haired one shook his head rapidly, "Imashime the kids."

"Oh fooey on them!" the twins looked nervously at each other after that.

Yabane looked worridly over at his kids, "Yui-chan, Mamoru-chan, time to go to Aunt Susu's!"

"We don't know the way, Kaasan!" Yui huffed as she corssed her little arms.

"Shouhei! Mika!" Yabane managed to call as he dodged another tackle by Imashime. He pointed at his kids and the birds looked at each other before taking off after the twins.

Shouhei's talons latched onto Yui's shirt as Mika's did to Mamoru. The two hunting birds then began to flap their wings and the kids stood up to be guided out of the house by their aerial babysitters.

"By Kaasan! By Tousan!" the two chirped in harmony. "Have fun!"

Yabane was horrified as his kids were guided out of the house. "Look what you're teaching them!"

Imashime smirked before tackling, "No, look what I'm teaching you."
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