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A New Storm Brewing by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Yes it is short people, but, you know what? This is more of an intro chapter :x As will the one Sempai (Oni_chan) writes next

We do not own Naruto, okay?
"NEIKAN-KUN!" a feminine voice could be heard screaming, "You're getting me wet!"

Hari sat on wet grass glaring at the brunette who continued to spray her with the hose.

"Consider it payback for everytime you sprayed me with your magic water stuff!" Neikan laughed, as his wife continued to glare daggers at him.


"Tousan?" two voices piped.

"Chinami-chan, Yuu-chan?" Hari whispered, a sweet smile on her face as they ran to their mother.

The girl, Chinami, had long brown hair and light blue eyes.The boy, Yuu, had short blue hair and hazel eyes that were a lot like his father's.

The boy turned away from his mother and ran to his father, "Tousan..." he laughed, before hugging Neikan.

"Hari-chan, why do we have kids again? You need to refresh my memory."

Had this been in the genin days, Neikan would have been slapped, but Hari simply giggled, "I'll refresh your memory later."

"Kaasan? Otousan?" came an innocent voice as a raven haired child wandered around.


"KAASAN!" Aki squealed, running around the corner and jumping into her blue haired mother's arms, a raven haired man next to her mother.

"Aki-chan is very youthful! Isn't she Shouka-chan?" the raven laughed.

Shouka stared, "Of course she is Lee-kun, she's one...."

Another family sat quietly within their home, occasionally discussing what had gone on.

"Kaasan!" a child with green hair cooed as she reached for the blonde who sat across from her and her green haired father.

"Yuru, let Kaoru-chan come over here..." the blonde woman whispered, a smile tugging at her lips.

Yuru nodded and stood up, giving the child to the woman.

"Still as bossy as ever, Nisou-chan!" Yuru laughed, getting a glare from Nisou.

A red head fidgeted at the attention his brunette lover was giving to their young daughter.

The man who was cradeling the child look at the red head with a questioning face, "Tentai-kun, is something wrong?" he asked.

"Yaso-chan you're paying more attention to Harumi-chan then me!" Tentai whined.

Yaso rolled his eyes and continued playing with the young girl.

"Where'd that little fucker go?!" exclaimed a raven haired woman as she ran around her home, until bumping into a brunette who was carrying a small child with dark hair and eyes.

"Is this who you're looking for Taki-chan?"

The woman opened her mouth and sighed, "Yes Genma-kun, Chikao seemed to get out of my grasp...again....for the third time today!" she chuckled nervously.

The man bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead before handing her the child.
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