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The Note by A Vampires Butterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hi there! Okay so this story started out like months upon months ago and I actually got pretty far with it, but then I got busy creating Reality and finishing a few things and well it just got put behind. Now this is based on a true story. read All About Me. As If You Really Want To Know to hear the story this was based upon. *rubs head blushing* Anyway on to the story! Enjoy! With much love, A Vampires Butterfly ^.^
It started with just a stupid mistake. A slip of the wrist. The stupid effects of gravity. Just a little mistake. That little mistake turned into something fatal. Something so fatal that is was catastrophic. It was horrible. It was social suicide.

It was the dropping of an important note.

A note only shared between trusted friends. A note regarding a certain loved one. A note that held information regarding the feelings about that certain loved one. A note that was never to see the light of day once finished.

Yet, it did.

It saw it numerous times.

Maybe it would be best to start at the beginning.

It was just a normal Monday morning. Well as normal as it can be in this school. As normal as it can get for the students of this school. As normal as it can get for one student in particular. Naruto Uzumaki. Number one class clown, obnoxious, loud-mouthed, blond, blue-eyed, A-B student.

He had been getting nervous. Very nervous. He had had a crush all year now, he knew this, he thought it nothing more than a crush, just a phase, he thought for sure he would get over it in a week or two, he always did. But this one did not want to get out of head. It just butting its stupid self into his thoughts. The most random things could send his thoughts to this crush.

He just didn’t get it.

Well he didn’t, but that stopped after last week.

He had just spent all first period, daydreaming and catching quick glances at his crush. Just tiny glances. It was a crush after all. He was allowed to have quick glances. He was allowed to let his blue eyes drift lazily over his crush’s body. He was allowed to think of a million things to say, but not say a single word.

It was a crush.

He could do this stuff.

So when his crush quickly moved his head to make eye contact with the spying blond, catching his blue eyes like a cat catching a mouse, he could only stare before switching into glaring action. This involved the squinting of the eyes so that they were thin, almost invisible. Oh and of course the tilting his head just the right way, so he was at the perfect angle to glare. He then sent out the, ‘I hate you so much I wish I never had to see you again.’ aura.

His crush sent a small smirk, but it said so much for Naruto it could have said, ‘I am giving you the time of day, be happy.’ Or maybe it said, ‘Look how handsome I look when I smirk.’ Which Naruto would have agreed to that in a heart beat, but it most likely said something along the lines of, ‘I am way better than you and just because you are glaring at me doesn’t mean I am intimidated and it really amuses me that you would think it does.’ Isn’t that small smirk talkative?

Naruto broke eye contact before he did something stupid, glaring once more before turning to the teacher as if he were paying attention to a single word she was saying. His crush did the same. Even though Naruto knew his crush didn’t need to pay attention, the bastard always made A’s anyway. But then again it was just one of those things he added to his list, the list he had made when he had started this little crush, this little year long crush.

He just could not understand why he still liked the bastard. It should have been over by then, but…it wasn’t. Now, he could accept having a crush, just a stupid crush, that had to do with looks, who was the hottest that week, who was turning into everyone’s eye candy, just a little crush. But now. Now it was different.

Sure his crush, THE Sasuke Uchiha, eye candy for all, always, the top student, the bastard, the one who acted like he had a stick up his butt. Yes, that Sasuke Uchiha, was as mentioned always eye candy, always popular, and always going to be, but that didn’t mean Naruto had to keep liking him. Keep having this stupid crush.

A sudden thought hit him; this thought was what caused it all,

‘Do I love him?’
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