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The Keepers of Death by Nikki_Yaoi

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Chapter notes: -giggles- Okay, this is short, but, it is just the beggining, I wanted to try something new, so here is my attempt.

I do not own Naruto
"Hn, you want me to let you through these gates?" an angelic being muttered to a lost soul, poking him in the chest with her purple scythe.

Her hair was long and in pigtails that were held up by long purple ribbons, she wore a strapless teal dress, high up purple socks, and her wings had a purple appearance.

"Well, yes, I've been a good man all my life," the boy in front of her spoke.

The girl whipped out a list, "Your dreams and thoughts about the afterlife are sinful, Inari-kun...Your life was full of bad thoughts and cruelness towards your friends, I can not let you through.." she muttered, her lavender eyes glaring into his brown eyes, "Idiot."

He twitched, "I did none of that!"

She glared at him before bringing her scythe up and stabbing through him, "By Hikari's judgement you will descend into the core of the earth, never to return to these gates!"

He disappeared and a satisfied smile crossed Hikari's face.

"Hikari-chan...did you just reject another one?" a blonde haired female asked.

"Why yes Ino-chan, I did!" the brunette giggled, "Oni-Sempai will have her hands full!"

A red head whistled calmly, her wings flapping without her really noticing. Her peaceful, yet hot, day was interuppted when a male fell into her lap.

"THE FUCK?!" the girl yelled, pelting the boy at the wall, she paused, "Damnit Hikari-kohai..."

The boy was glaring at her, a large bump buried under his messy brown hair.

"I'm not even going to check your records, you're too sweet, yet too evil, so therefore, I banish you to roam earth!" she yelled, her hand flying through his chest, "By the way, I'm Oni..." she whispered, as the boy disappeared.

"Don't tell me that was another candidate..." another redhead muttered from behind the red head.

"Kohai sent him down, I didn't like him, I made him disappear..." Oni stated.

"You can't do that!"

"Just did, Gaara-kun!"

The boy landed on a building next to a woman with a ghostly appearance, she had long raven hair in thin pigtails, some of it down, her eyes a crimson color and her bottom half was translucent.

"I am Uta...but, doesn't seem you belong anywhere...not even here, however, I will give you 3 days to make whatever went wrong right or to make it worse...because you aren't a lonely soul...." she whispered, whacking him with her staff.

He glowed blue for only a minute before disappearing.

"Seems you just didn't want him around, Uta-chan," came a statement from a raven haired man.

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