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Gone So Young by ShyShyButterfly

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(If you would like to use any of my OC's, ask please)
Title: Gone So Young

Summary: Sayuri Itchago, the girl many people have heard of but never seen. Meeting Itachi Uchiha she finds herself falling for this man who murdered his clan.

Chapter One


"Don't make me hit you!" Kiri shouted. Sayuri struggled to get out of her mothers grip. She hated being called 'unworthy' because she liked Taijutsu, which was hated by her clan. Well, most of them. She never got to see her cousin again when he was dragged off and killed for teaching her Taijutsu. She had many pictures of him packed away for when she would leave.

“LET GO OF ME!” Sayuri shouted, kicking Kiri. Her father, Orobo, and a few uncles watched. “She deserved it. Letting that boy teach her Taijutsu! I knew he was bad the day he was born.” One of her uncles said. “You know, Etwina.” He added. Orobo turned and glared at him. “HE’S ALIVE! I KNOW IT! HE’S JUST IN A DIFFERENT VILLAGE!” Of course, she was right. Her mother and father knew it. The rest of the clan knew he was alive, but they thought he was still in the village. Kiri slapped Sayuri hard. Sayuri stopped struggling and stared up at her mother. Blue hair, green eyes.. Sayuri was nothing like them. She took after her grandpa who was killed when she was born to prevent him teaching her Taijutsu. He passed on his wish to Etwina though, and Etwina carried it out.

“I.. I HATE YOU!” Sayuri screamed, running down the halls. Her feet made small tapping sounds. Kiri made a motion to follow her, but Orobo stopped her and walked after Sayuri. “Sayuri, stop.” He said calmly. She stopped and turned around. Her red eyes locked with his blue eyes.

“Why do you enjoy making your mother miserable?” Orobo asked, leaning down to her. Sayuri didn’t reply. Orobo grabbed her hand and led her to the dark room where Kiri and her uncles sat. Kiri stared at Sayuri as Orobo led her closer.

“Let go of me father, please!” Sayuri said, walking in a different direction. Orobo picked her up and led her back to her room. He walked away with a frown on his face. “Look what you did, Kiri! She’s likely to run away now.”

Kiri glared at him and walked to her room to find the door wide open and everything in the room gone. She screamed as Orobo ran in. “I told you!” he shouted.


“ I honestly don’t know why I had that memory instead of a dream..” Sayuri said, rubbing her head. She sat up in bed and yawned.
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