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Iwagakure no Sato by ShyShyButterfly

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Table of Contents

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(If you would like to use my characters, please ask!)
(The following are the couples that will be used in this story!)
SasukexTauki (after much time.. hehe!)
Lesyuna grinned. She had a bunch of wild kids on her sqaud and she wasn't thinking of killing herself yet. "World record, eh?" she muttered to herself.

Tauki turned and walked up to her. "Tell Yuki to get away from me!"

"No can do." Lesyuna replied, yawning. She patted Tauki's head and climbed up the large tree in their training area. "KEITA? YOU UP THERE?" she shouted.

"Yes!" Keita's voice called. Tauki jumped as close as she could, but it was hard jumping to the top of the tree. "How the heck did we get up here?" Yuki said, looking at Keita.

"Well, you went on a climbing frenzy to prove you weren't a girl and I followed."

Yuki nodded, remebering how his sister had called him a girl. "Hey, fishnet is for girls right?"

"Not exactly. A male can wear it." Keita replied softly, playing with her hair.

"Keita! Yuki! Get down here now!" Lesyuna shouted. Yuki looked down and grabbed Keita's hand and jumped. His feet hit the ground with a thud.

"Who are you?" Lesyuna said, drawing three shuriken. Keita peeked out from behing Yuki at the slim, pink-haired girl standing behind a boy who looked much like a Uchiha.

"Your from the Uchiha clan, right dork?" Yuki said, drawing a kunai. "Umm, Yuki.. I don't think fighting with a weapon is the best idea for you.." Keita whispered, looking at the blond haired boy. 'He is really cute!' she thought.

The silver-haired man with the mask spoke. "I'm Kakashi. These are my students, Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke."

Lesyuna stared at him. '... Wow, he's pretty cute. His personality seems somewhat mysterous though..' "What are you doing here?" she asked.

Tauki didn't drop her gaurd once and ended up sneaking up behind Sakura. The boy named Naruto grabbed her hair. Keita had already thrown a kunai and it hit Naruto's arm and he let Tauki go.

"Naruto! You idiot!" Sakura said, slapping him. "We are here on a mission.." Kakashi said.

Just as Lesyuna was about to speak, Sasuke grabbed something from his bag....
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