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My OC's! by ShyShyButterfly

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: This is my first OC, Lesyuna. She's the sensei of the sqaud.
(Did I ever mention that I love Code Lyoko (sp?)? I love all the characters!!)
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Name: Lesyuna
Age: 22
Weight: 120 pounds.
Height: 5'5
Hair Color / Style: Her hair color is a brown-ish black. She usually keeps it in a pony-tail that is spiked. She keeps some hair down by her face.
Eye Color: Black
Crush: Kakashi
Village Of Birth: Kirigakure no Sato (That IS the name for the Mist Village, right?)
Village Currently In: Iwagakure no Sato (Again, that IS the name for the Stone Village, right?)
She never tells anything about herself. She has no headband for she lost it on a mission and it was never found. Her sqaud annoys her alot, but she cares for them as if she was their gaurdian. She has no living relatives and knows her father was killed after he killed the rest of her family.
(Find out the rest soon!)
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