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Walk Away by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I don't own Naruto people, I only own Nikki.

Ages and positions in story so far:
Sasuke- 17, Son of Uchiha family, bastard
Nikki- 16, Daughter of Shiinto family, Sasuke's best friend
Itachi-18, eldest child, biggest flirt
Mikoto- 37, happy go lucky mother of the Uchihas
Kabuto- 30,Butler of the Uchiha household
Iruka- 21,Maid, friendly advice giver of the house
A blonde stared blankly ahead, a frown on his face as he looked at the large mansion that towered over him. He breathed in heavily before walking ahead, dragging his bags behind him.

When he got to the door, he lifted his hand to knock on it, however, before he could, a brunette came flying out and tackling him to the ground, he yelped at the sudden force of the girl he didn't know.

"Huh? Who are you?" the heard the girl ask, sitting on his chest as she looked blankly down at him, "You're not Sasu-nii..."

"And you're not an Uchiha," the blonde replied.

Suddenly, the brunette frowned, "Yes, well, my parents were killed, so I came here and have lived with my best friend since I was very little," she paused, a large smile spreading across her pale features, "BUT! I get to live here and I have lots of fun with Sasu-nii, and the Akatsuki, so it's all cool! Anyways, what's your name? I'm Shiinto Nikki."

He stared at the odd girl, before answering her question, "I'm Uzu..." he was interupted as Nikki got off of him to tackle someone else.

Naruto sat up and turned around to see a raven haired man with dark eyes, an eyebrow raised at the blonde as the brunette clung to him. "Who are you?" the boy questioned.

"Well, I'm Uzumaki Naruto...son of Uzumaki Arashi."

"Ah, I heard about you, your the idiot who I always heard about from Arashi-san..."

Nikki smiled at Naruto, "Naru-chan, don't mind the emo here, Sasu-nii's bark is worst then his bite!" she laughed.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke, and for the record, you should get your ass moving instead of sitting around here like the bum you are....KABUTO!" Sasuke yelled. A silver haired man in glasses scurried outside.

"Yes, Sasuke-sama?" he mumbled, straightening up.

Nikki got off Sasuke and walked in front of Kabuto, glaring at him, "Get the blonde's bags, NOW!" she growled, the man looking terrified as he quickly grabbed the bags and ran into the large house.

Naruto stared at the woman who turned to him and grabbed his hand, dragging him along after her, Sasuke walking closely behind as if watching Naruto so he didn't pull anything.

A woman with long raven haired came to the door and smiled down at the blonde, "Hello Naruto-kun, as you know, I'm Uchiha Mikoto, but you can call me Kaasan!" she cooed, pulling the frightened blonde away from Nikki and into a hug.

Nikki suddenly got an uninterested look, before a smirk made it's way onto her face, both Mikoto and Sasuke freezing when they saw it. "ITACHI-CHAN!" she yelled.

Another Uchiha came running from another room, stopping in his tracks before he ran into his mother, his hair was long and in a low lying pony tail, his eyes red, probably due to contacts. He wore a tight shirt that showed some of his midrift andd tight black pants, a mischivous smirk upon his face. "Oooh," he snickered, noticing Naruto, "Is that Naruto-kun~?" He looked over to Nikki, who nodded. "Well, well, I think I'll have fun with this..."

Mikoto and Nikki giggled happily at the thought as Naruto and Sasuke looked terrified. A man with chesnut colored hair appeared, looking at Naruto with friendly brown eyes, "Uzumaki-san, I'll show you to your room...." he whispered caringly.

Naruto sighed in relief, atleast someone around here was normal.
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