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Once Upon a Dream by Nikki_Yaoi

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Chapter notes: Short chapter, they'll get longer xP Say hi to Kyuui and Kanbi. Hyper and evil

Disclaimer: I DUN OWN NARUTO >.>
A violet haired woman wondered through Suna, a hand on her katana at all times as she stared blankly out at the previously desolant land that was now littered with houses.


THe woman turned around to see a young girl with a red bean paste filled pastry running from an angry store owner.

The man stopped when the cold of the woman's blade was held up against his neck, "I'll pay for it...but don't you dare harm a child..." she whispered in a venemous voice.

"Yessum..." the owner muttered in a worried tone, backing away slowly as the katana weilder gave him his money, before turning to the girl who was sitting against a wall indulging in the treat. She placed a hand on the girl's head, "Why'd you steal, child?" she whispered in a honey coated voice.

The red head swatted the woman's hand away, "THe name's Kyuui, and I stole because I don't have any money..." she snapped, finishing the pastry, before pulling her legs up to her chest, "Kado Kyuui...""Well, Kyuui-chan, why don't you use that sword..." the woman whispered, pointing to the sword on the girl's back.

"I'm not saying anything else until you tell me who you are..." Kyuui whispered, backing farther up against the wall and cowering.

"Yume Kanbi, that's who I am, I'm a need to be alarmed..." Kanbi whispered, her features becoming soft.

"...I don't want to hurt anyone, Kaasan told me not too before she died...." Kyuui whispered in a shakey voice.

Kanbi frowned, "Kyuui-chan, you can't live all alone like this..." she muttered in a disapproving tone.

"I'm fifteen, I CAN!" Kyuui screamed, tears falling down from her eyes like tiny raindrops.

"No, I'm going to take you with'll be safer and well fed...." Kanbi whispered in a soothing voice, kneeling besides the girl and pulling her into an embrace, "And I'll train you and if you want too, once you're can leave me..."

"Okay...Kanbi-sama..." Kyuui whispered, returning the hug.
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