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Insanity by Hinata1

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Table of Contents

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Hinata twisted and turned all night, soaked from her own sweat. As if she was having a bad dream she kicked, screamed, and muttered.

Kiba and Shino were awoken by her little fit in her sleep.

"Hinata, wake up! It's just a dream," Kiba said shaking her abit. Shino felt her fourhead and not to his suprise, she was running quite the fever.

"She's running a fever, maybe she needs her rest," Shino told Kiba, who obviously wasn't listening.

"C'mon, Hinata, wake up, please," Kiba continued.

"Hunh...oh hi Kiba," Hinata said hazily. Then she stood up slowly and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

"That was weird," Kiba said half to himself and half to Shino.

"She's sick, she needs rest," Shino said simply.

To both their suprise she came out dressed in nice clothes, and she looked healthy as ever. In fact, she looked as if she just got done at a spa. She was wearing a blue tank that stopped right before her belly button. Not only that, but she was wearing make-up and low hipped jeans.

"Ah, much better, so how are you boys," Hinata confidently flirted with them both, which was something she never ever did.

"Uh. Fine" Kiba said blushing.

Hinata winked at Shino, "And you, hun," Hinata stared at Shino making him blush for the first time since Hinata ever met him.

"Uh....Hinata, I think we should take you to the hospital," Shino finally said after he wiped the drool from his mouth.

"Non-sense I told you I feel better than ever Shino," Hinata said winking again with a huge smile, "Now if you'll excuse me I have someone I have to see." Hinata turned and left leaving Shino and Kiba shocked, wordless, and lovestruck.

Gaara sat in a chair during one of his important meetings. Of course, these meeting were a daily thing for a kazekage.

When the meeting ended Gaara stayed in his chair, not expecting anyone.

"Soooo, your kazekage now, that sweet," a familiar, yet, unfamiliar voice spoke from behind him. When he stood and turned around he couldn't believe what he saw.

There, before him, was lady Hinata, her long hair dangling and beautiful. Instead of her usual clothes she was wearing a hot tank and jeans that started at her hip leaving her little stomache for show.

"Hinata, from the leaf village, how are you? What brings you here," Gaara said, trying to be pleasant. His goal was to be someone that people didn't fear, that they didn't look at him like he was a weapon,monster, killer.

"Stop the idle chit-chat shall we. I came here for you," Hinata said smiling. She walked up to him, wrapped her arms around him and french kissed him long a hard.

Gaara, who wasn't really trying to push her away,decided after a few long minutes to ask her what the hell was goiing on, but when he stopped and was about to ask her, he suprisingly found himself kissing her again. This time Gaara pushed her against the wall, takng his hand pushing her shirt even further up where his hand was half way up her shirt, thats when things were about to get interesting, but the two were interupted by....

Kankuro stood in the door way completely shocked. The sight was impossible. For Gaara to kiss anyone seemed, impossible, but for Hinata, the shy,unconfident, little Hyuuga girl to be wearing THAT and to be all over Gaara was....was.....unbelievable.

"Uh-ah...umm," Kankuro couldn't speak, he just simply left completely and utterly shocked. The Hyuuga girl and the kazekage?

Gaara finally got his grip on reality and stopped wanting to do more, but after Kankuro walked in, knew he shouldn't.

"Hinata, I....." Gaara started before he was interupted by Hinata's lips pushing against his. Gaara kissed back and knew he couldn't fight this strange feeling he was having. Was this love?Thats when Gaara had Hinata's shirt half off. The two were interupted again, but this time it wasn't Kankuro.

Naruto, stood in the door way, heart broken and shocked!
Naruto was about to faint.

"Whyyyy.....when...whaaaa...."Naruto wasn't talking in sentences, merely amazing, he could talk at all.

Naruto ran...and he ran into Kankuro, who was still utterly shocked.

"Did..." Naruto started.

"You saw, Gaara and" Kankuro said interupting.
Naruto nodded still finding it hard to breathe or believe.

I changed the chapter title from Inu-fic.I just learned about this sight, but I have a lot of Naruto stories on I hope you like it.
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