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Seduced By Demons by Rah Poppin

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: This is actually not my story. This was inspired by a one shot on called "Choose Me" by bevino. I suggest you read it. I took this idea because the other had created a one shot when I felt it could be at least a 10 chapter series so I took the idea. If I get in trouble for it, that's fine.

Anyways, I don't own anything and constructive critism is well recieved. Thank you and enjoy.
Title: Seduced By Demons
Type: Romance/ General

Plot: After the smash release of his first book, Sasuke, a young shojo manga artist, moves from his quiet suburban hometown in Asaka, Saitama Prefecture to the bustling area of Shibuya, Tokyo. There he becomes associated with the wild life of the busy city and forgets what he knew at home, especially the most important rule, close your windows and let no one in. Now Sasuke is stuck with a ramen-obsessed demon whom may or may not want Sasuke to produce his children.

Chapter One: Because it Was the Rules

Uchiha Sasuke was a very good little boy. His parents always said, “He always was such a good little boy. He never talked back and always did what he was told.”

Sasuke always did what he was told because it was the rules of his house.

“I would tell him to brush his teeth and he would be calling from the bathroom that he was doing just that.” His mother would whimper; her pale hand brushing away the beginnings of tears before it could smear her eyeliner.

Sasuke brushed his teeth because it was the rules of his house.

“His homework was always finished before I had a chance to actually tell him to do his homework.” His father would boast, his broad chest puffing out just a little.

Sasuke did his homework because it was the rules of the house.

“I never had to tell him twice to do the dishes or pick up his toys or do any other chores he had to do while I babysat him.” His elder brother would sigh; rolling his eyes slightly as he witnessed his father glaring at his slouched posture.

Sasuke listened to his brother because it was the rules of the house.

“He never argued when I told him he had to come in from playing outside.” His mother whimpered with a warm smile, her tears just apparent enough to glisten in her dark eyes.

Sasuke complied because it was the rules of the house.

“He never yelled back when I told him he couldn’t do something.” His father slouched slightly before shaking his head to himself and straightening his body once more.

Sasuke didn’t yell because it was the rule of the house.

“He did everything anyone told him to. He was perfect.” His elder brother groaned, stretching his hands above his head.

Sasuke was perfect because it was the rules of the house.

“Sasuke was so intelligent. He always seemed to know everything and he was so aware of the world.”

Sasuke was smart because it was the rules of the house.

“There was nothing I could stump him on; he seemed to just be understanding of life and everything about it.”

Sasuke understood because it was the rules of the house.

“He only ever argued with Mother and Father once and that was the only time.”

Sasuke asked because he couldn’t understand that rule of the house.

Sasuke curled up in his bed, black comforter tucked up to his small chin. His sighed, the spring breeze curling around his pale face and calming him to rest. He began to close his large black eyes, the wind caressing his pale cheeks and moving his wisps of blue-black hair away from his face.

“Sasuke!” His mother called from her room, “Did you close the window?”

Sasuke sighed, sitting upright in his bed and turning towards the window.

“Mother?” He called. Although he was not frightened, there apparently was a lilt of fear that made his Mother and Father run into his room, their pale faces sweating with exertion.

“What is it, Sasuke?” His father huffed, checking the dark corners of the room. His mother ran about, closing and locking the windows frantically.

“I just wanted to know why I have to close the windows.” Sasuke asked, slightly hesitant. His mother and father stared at him from their position. They glanced at each other before they looked at him once again, slight relief in their cold smiles.

“We close the windows so demons won’t come in.” They smiled and left his dark, stuffy room to be haunted by his mind’s fear.

A/N: So that's the first chapter. I'll be developing this one slowly because I don't have much of a guideline so it's really when inspiration hits me. I will try to make updates consistant though, and I won't just abandon the story.

Oh...p.s.: If you have a story or poem you want placed in the series related to this story ("In Search of Demons") you're so welcome to it, I'm always open for new stories.

Zai jian
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