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Life's Rules by Nikki_Yaoi

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Chapter notes: Short chapter, the rest will be longer.
I dun own Naruto
The sunlight spilt into a large white room, where a raven headed man and brunette woman happily slept. Soon, golden eyes shot open, the pale woman sitting up, holding the covers to her chest as she looked to the man sleeping beside her. A frown forming upon her face as her slender hand reached out and touched Sai on his shoulder gently, "Sai-kun..." she whispered.

The man's charcoal colored eyes opened slowly, "Ne, Nikki-chan?" Sai muttered, slowly sitting out, the covers falling onto his lap as he looked over at his girlfriend.

Nikki fored a smile to spread across her pale, pink lips, "Ne, Sai-kun, would you like to go visit Tsunade-sama and...sensei today?" she whispered.

Sai suddenly froze up, the sensei was Orochimaru, and ever since Nikki had met the pale man, she hadn't been the same and blushed every time he came around. "How about we go see your friends?" he exclaimed frantically, waving his hands in front of him.

Nikki frowned, "Okay, Sai-kun..." she whispered, flinging her legs off the bed and standing up, and walking into the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later, they were both ready, though Sai had to drag Nikki out of the house as she pouted, muttering something about how Sakura was icky and Nikki didn't want to see her.

When they reached Kelsea's apartment, Kelsea walked to the door, a big smile on her face, Sakura standing right beside her.

Nikki walked in slowly, pushing Sakura out of the way aggresively, glaring at the pink haired woman.

Neji, Naruto, and Sasuke all sat in a little group talking, until Nikki walked in. Sasuke smirked up at her and Naruto smiled as Neji looked away. "Sasuke-nii, Kelsea-nee, how are you two?" she asked, a weak smile on her face as she plopped down next to Sasuke.

They both nodded as a silence swept over the room. Something was wrong.
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