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Clearly You Don't Understand by kiki15

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Table of Contents

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Clearly You Don't Understand


S.S = Sick Shit (is more than likely NC-17 and etc.)



*thoughts progressing into speech"

'substitute for italics' (Kyuubi or Soriyu at times)


::scene change:: (more for my reference than anything else)


Summary: Thirteen years ago, Sarutobi was assassinated and his ward was thrown into prison by the biased council who believed it to be him. Now a bigger threat arises with an untimed resurrection and the tears of a forgotten man. (Sequel to The Fox and The Phoenix)

A/n: Well, I didn't get as many reviews as I expected, but then again, my chapter didn't pass the one thousand word count so it's to be expected. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this nice, longer chappie.

Chapter Two: Us

::Timeskip, Thirteen Years, Dilapidated Konoha Prison Dungeon::


"Hahaha. That was a good one Kyuubi.
Twirling smoke curls black.
Coming down to meet myself.
You watch silently." a deep voice mumbles, the lighted end of a cigarette glowing in the darkness. "Your turn."

'Sleeping shadow child.
I can sense your darkened heart.
Do let me heal you.'

A frown crosses the man's face, only visible by the faint light of the cigarette as he sucks in another breath of cancer.

"Healing does not help.
I sleep lightly to dream dark.
Alive I will be."

'Grudge to be held, yes.
But in sleep to be released.
Hatred does not help.'

A loud growl passes through the room, rattling the littered bones of dead rats. Skin torn from their bones by the owner who was never given a meal for days on end. Not that he needed food, but it was nice to have his silence. He didn't like rats anyway.

"I grow weary of this game Kyuubi. When was the last time they visited?"

'Two years.'

"Do you think they have forgotten about me finally?" he asks, passing a hand over his face in a mock gesture of surprised helplessness. "That would be most unpleasant."

'I believe they have. Since the original judges, Homura and Koharu, have died, I believe the remaining council members feel they have no
need to give you another trial.'

"Ah, so that's how it is."

Footsteps echo in the darkness, dim light flickering throughout the aging hall from a lantern.

"Naruto?" the person asks, reaching through the bars of the cell to catch his shoulder.

"Hello Haku. I haven't finished the pack you gave me last month yet." he replies, brushing his unruly hair from his eyes. "Unless of course, they sent you to free me."

It was an on-going joke for the blonde man, every week Haku came to visit, and every week he recieved the same answer with sad eyes
behind it, which Haku should be uttering right about no-


A look of mild surprise passes through the azure eyes, before settling into simple indifference.

"Well, well. What has happened to merit this? The council decided to let the bastard demon free of it's own free will?"

Haku winces, letting his hand drop from the younger man's shoulder.

"Well you know Jiraya-san went to retrieve his Sannin friend Tsunade-san after you were incarcerated so that she could become the
Godaime right?" Haku begins, at Naruto's subtle nod he continues. "Well they have been working to get you out of prison since then, and they finally managed to find a loophole in the system. They aren't allowed to keep you in prison under the charge that it was filed. Apparently, well in Konoha at least, 'Murder without substantial evidence' isn't a valid charge for keeping someone in prison. The remaining council knew this, managing to keep it hidden until Tsunade-san demanded that 'every' piece of paperwork regarding your case be put on her desk. Most of them had cloaking seals on them, only letting her read what they wanted her to, but Jiraiya-san disabled them and that's how they found out."

Naruto leans his head back against the wall, absorbing this new information silently. The only thing visible are the curling wisps of smoke; the orange light of the cigarette glowing ominously.

"Alright. I can accept that I suppose."

Haku nods, unlocking and pulling opening the cell door. It creaks, the overly rusted hinges groaning in audible protest as Naruto steps forth, putting out his cigarette on his tongue.

"I 'hate' when you do that you know."

Naruto shrugs, putting the stub into the less-than-half-full box for later.

"Let us go."

::Konoha Streets::

A tanned hand covers cerulean eyes as the two ascend from the underground.

"Here Naruto, put these on." Haku says, handing the man a pair of dark sunglasses. He removes his hand so that Naruto may don his new eyewear. "Your eyes are still much too sensitive from being in that darkness for so long."

Naruto grunts, putting them on, following Haku out of the fenced area.

In the light we are able to see what the years have done to what used to be a child. The clothes he wears are in tatters, barely covering anything in their constant rat-chewed state. He didn't mind terribly when Haku handed him a pair of blue nin pants and a red shirt to pull on. He could do without a shirt normally, but they were going to see the Hokage. Thick corded muscle wound it's way around his upper torso. He'd trained with Kyuubi in that silent darkness, honing his senses even more so insanity wouldn't grasp him. Not that the sound of mice scurrying around helped. His leg muscles were stronger
now as well, mostly by help from Kyuubi as well as running around in his 10x10 cell. The man's face was hardened, looking aged well beyond his current twenty five years. The whisker marks are engraved, more visible than they were thirteen years prior, and blonde hair trails like water down the man's back to mid-thigh. He stands wearily at 5'10'', no longer the short, naive child he was before.

They make their way to the Hokage Tower, Haku greeting the ANBU guards with a small smile.

"I'm on business for the Hokage. Deer, Panther, please allow us passage."

The Panther masked ANBU grunts, nodding. Deer mumbles something akin to 'Mendoukuse' and nods as well, passing to let them upstairs.

::Hokage's Office::

They step through the heavy wooden doors, a surprisingly young pigtailed blonde lady sits behind the desk, gesturing for them to sit down. She steeples her hands together as Naruto removes his glasses.

"So you are Uzumaki-Kazama Naruto?"

Naruto nods, no emotion showing on his relaxed face.

"Well you are officially absolved of any and all charges set against you for the murder of the Sandaime."

He nods again, still apathetic.

Tsunade frowns.

*Has being alone for this long robbed him of everything?*

"Do you have anything you'd like to say?" she asks, laying a soft brown gaze upon the blonde man. He doesn't respond at all, his eyes now focused on the floor underneath the window adjacent to the desk. His face has an unrecognizable expression set upon it. It seems to be a cross between anger and regret.


Haku nudges him, a worried look spread on his features.

"Naruto? Are you alright?" Haku asks as the blue eyed man jerks his head towards him, nodding again. He looks to Tsunade.

"Repeat your question please, Hokage-sama."

"Yes, of course. Do you have anything you'd like to say?" she asks, a relieved look on her face.

Naruto nods, motioning to Haku, who taps his shoulder gently. A sudden myriad of seals soon appearing on his neck, forehead, and arms.

"I'd like these removed. I haven't been able to use my chakra for thirteen years and it's quite irksome."

Tsunade's expression turns to horror as she makes her way from behind the desk over to where they sit. As she examines the seals closely, a slightly more relieved expression overcomes the horror, shaking her head as she examines one arm.

"Who put these seals on you?"

"Hyuuga Kish, one of the clan elders."

"I thought so." she says, nodding her head. "She always was a compassionate one. Normally these seals would leave you unable to use chakra at all, even when removed. Luckily, you got someone who apparently took pity on you and only sealed it away."

Haku mentally slaps himself in the forehead as she says 'pity'.

*This won't go over well.*

Naruto frowns, pulling away from her.

"I needed no pity. Punishment should not be spared for one who was already condemned by taking their first breath."

Tsunade frowns as well, slapping him so quickly he has no time to react, and so hard that his jaw cracks.

"You don't know how lucky you are, yet you sit here feeling sorry for yourself. You don't sound anything like the kid from thirteen years back that Haku told me about."

A chill seems to come over the air as Naruto turns back around to face her, his eyes a cold ice blue.

"That's because I'm not." he replies, standing up. Any evidence of a possible injury is gone. "That 'child' died with his mother."

Upon spitting out the word 'child' as though it were a curse, he steps through the heavy wooden doors, disappearing down the staircase.

The bewildered brown eyed woman looks at Haku, who shrugs.

"What happened to his mother?"

"Remember the Three Nation War?"

"The war with Oto and Suna against Konoha?"

"The very same. Well remember the two main casualties that were talked about for a good while?"

"Orochimaru and someone named Sanz....Oh..."

"Exactly. They killed each other. She rests in the catacombs underneath the Hokage Mountain." Haku replies, getting up and bowing. "Please excuse me Tsunade-sama, I must go find my otouto."

"Jiraiya will be waiting outside the entrance."

Haku nods, his body language anxious. He just knew Naruto was going to do something stupid if left alone for too long.

"You are dismissed."

Haku jumps out the window as Tsunade summons Panther to fetch Jiraiya.


Naruto places a bundle of assorted flowers in front of his mother's plaque, sitting back against the cave wall.

"To you: Kaa-san." the blonde man says, lighting a cigarette and holding it aloft before placing it between his lips. "It would seem I've picked up your bad

habits. Hahaha."

The coffin sits silently in it's white ringed tomb. He continues talking anyway.

"You know I was put in prison? You're watching me now and shaking your head I bet. 'Why didn't you kick their asses? Why did you put up with that

shit?' I don't know Kaa-san, I don't know." he taps the cigarette ashes off, using his hand as an ashtray. "Ah, talking to you reminds me, I should open that

package you left me. It's really a hassle though, you put chakra and blood seals on it, and I don't have any chakra right now. I'll figure it out though Kaa-san, and when I do, I'll come back to visit okay?"

The only thing that greets him is the sound of yelling.

"Naruto!" Haku yells, letting his voice carry as he nears the catacombs. "Naruto!"

Naruto doesn't answer, walking towards the voice instead.

"Naru-! Oh, there you are, I thought you'd be down here. Well, guess who I have with me?"

Naruto simply raises an eyebrow, Haku taking that as his cue to continue.


The blonde just stares as the aging man steps out from behind Haku. He didn't look any older than he was thirteen years ago if you were just glancing, but one could see the subtle signs of aging. The wrinkles under the eyes, the curving of the hands as they succumbed to arthritis, and that smell that old people seem to exude for no apparent reason. Yes, that embalming fluid smell, it's like they're already dead.

"Hello Naruto. I'm sorry I didn't come to visit."

Naruto nods, watching mutely as Jiraiya studies the seals spread across his upper body.

"There is a process to removing these. We'll need somewhere private, but open. Once I release these, all the chakra that has been storing itself inside your coils will flood out before coming back to you over a week-long period. It may be more, depending on the level of chakra stored."

'Oh, maybe enough to level this and a few other Shinobi nations.' Kyuubi muses silently to herself.

Haku pipes up.

"How about Training Ground Seven? It's open enough and there's alot of flat ground to scribe on. Not to mention there are alot of trees for cover."

Jiraiya nods slowly, making his way out of the cave, Haku and Naruto close behind.

Anaki: Okay, I like this one.

RC16: Good for you.

Anaki: Oh yeah, Happy Easter everybody!.

RC16: Happy Zombie Jesus Day, you mean.

Anaki: Huh?

RC16: He was dead and he came back to life, therefore, he's a zombie.

Anaki: Ooooh. See, I'm not Christian, so I didn't know that. I mean, yeah, it's some holy holiday for them, but I didn't know all about the Jesus stuff.

RC16: Well, now you do.

Anaki: Cool. Oh yeah, everybody wish Buddha a Happy Birthday! It's on the 8th!

RC17: Happy Easter/Zombie Jesus Day! We meant no offense to anybody with this little joke, you're all badass and we love you so review!
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