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Love is Blind by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Hari and Netami are my characters, Neikan is Oni's.
And yes, I should be finishing my other stories, but I'm lazy and am planning on drawing this story out in manga format later on n_n

Warning: Slightly perverted...ya, slightly

Disclaimer for story: Don't own Naruto. Sadly :c
Iruka stood in front of the classroom trying to announce the team assignments. Keyword, trying. A brunette ran around the room flirting with just about anyone who had legs and a body. "Neikan-san, sit down!" Iruka demanded, it was like this everyday and yet he still hadn't gotten the point.

Suddenly, a blast of water shot in the direction of said brunette. The girl responsible for it smirking slightly as she put her head in the palm of her hand, the boy next to her snickering as his green eyes met slate blue ones.

Iruka rolled his eyes as he looked at the other two, "Midori Netami, Nonki Neikan....and Kusoi Hari," he muttered under his breath, "Your sensei will be Mitarashi Anko."

The three looked from one to the other with shocked looks on their faces - minus Neikan, he had a perverted smile spread across his face as he looked at Hari and Netami. The girl who had attacked Neikan blushed slightly before standing up and slamming her hands on the table, her light blue hair falling in her face, "I refuse to be in HIS team!" she whispered, her face becoming even more red as she noticed Neikan was staring at her, eyes looking her up and down.

Iruka put a hand up as he turned around, "Teams are final, Hari-chan, Anko-s---" before he could finish a violet headed woman crashed through the window, every student staring in shock. Iruka stared for a moment before sighing, "Anko-san, you are early and you really should learn to use to door," he mumbled before pointing at the Neikan, Hari, and Netami, "This is your sensei, and Anko-san, this is your team."

Anko looked from the drenched Neikan to the fuming Hari to the snickering Netami. What had she gotten herself into? "Come on slackers, let's go the others should be here soon!" she exclaimed, as the three ran after her as she disappeared out the window. Hari was next to go out, then Neikan, and finally Netami who was watching Neikan closely.

When they arrived at the training grounds the all sat down, minus Anko who was standing of smirking as she pointed at each one of them, "Tell me about yourself! You first girl!" Anko exclaimed pointing at Hari who stared at her blankly.

"I'm Kusoi Hari, I like stuff, I dislike fire, and my hobbies include swimming, listening to music, and dancing...." Hari mumbled, looking at the sky.

"Does that include pole dancing?" was a question from none other then Neikan. SLAP! Hari's hand collided with Neikan's face as she glared at him. "It was just a question..." he mumbled.

Anko pointed at Neikan next, "I know I'm going to regret saying this but....tell me about yourself..."

Neikan's smirk grew as he looked at his sensei, "My name is Nonki Neikan! I am to be a preist when I grow up. I like girls, gys, and...anything like that. I don't like mother-hens. My hobbies include flirting...I mean talking and working at the shrine!" he exclaimed.

"THAT'S IT! NO MORE OUT OF YOU!" she exclaimed, smacking him upside the head, before looking over at Netami with pleading eyes.

"I'm Midori Netami. I like Hari, I like you, I like girls and sweet foods too, but I don't entirely like Neikan or hobbies include taking walks, hanging around, and eating," he stated, giving a quick smile to Hari who smiled back sweetly.

"Okay then....come here tommorow," she mumbled, backing away slowly, before disappearing in multiple puffs of smoke flashily.

"Our sensei is crazy..." Hari muttered, standing up and walking away, Netami following her. Neikan got closer to them casually, before Netami turned around, kicking Neikan in the face.

"DON'T TOUCH HARI-CHAN!" he snapped, before turning back around and continuing his walk with Hari, leaving Neikan twitching slightly, a footprint on his face.
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