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An Altered Path by Jareth Dallis

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Table of Contents

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Notes: Okay so this is essentially a variation of the history of
Sounds of a New Destiny. In this telling there will be changes as
usual, such as Naruto’s life in general. Just wait and see, of
course this is a NaruHarem. Who is in the harem shall be a surprise!

flow somewhat differently in this time line than the other, but no
spoiling what happens. Though like any GOOD harem fic Naruto will end
up with the usual suspects along the line. And of course I have to
play fashion designer and give Naruto an outfit that doesn't make
eyes bleed. Also Icha Icha Engagements and Sounds will be updated in
a few days. I had an accident with sounds when I accidentally saved
IIE over the next chapter of Sounds.

night of the Kyuubi Attack…

“Come on sensei! I
can fight too!” a silver haired shinobi pleaded with an older man
with blonde hair. This was one of Arashi’s newer student, Hanzo
Ginshin formerly Ginshin Jinketsu. He had been transferred to
Arashi’s team half a year after the death of Obito, this was due to
the fact his last sensei was also killed during the last Shinobi War.

“No Ginshin…you are
strong but this is something I have to do alone…” Arashi knew his
student would try to object with a fluent motion a senbon laced with
tranquilizing agents found its way into Ginshin’s neck.

the boy asked as he fell forward pulling the senbon out of his neck.
He fell to the ground falling on his knees first as his vision began
to blur, he reached forward in vain before falling asleep. Arashi
then lifted his student off of the ground, and handed him over to
Sarutobi the Sandaime Hokage. “Sarutobi…I need you to get him to

“Arashi…you don’t
have to do this…your son needs someone…” Sarutobi responded as
he took the unconscious Ginshin into his arms laying him over his
shoulder. Sarutobi was saddened by what Arashi was about to do.

“I’ve taken care of
that. Ginshin…by all rights of bonds is my little brother…I want
him to look after Naruto…but chances are the council won’t allow
it. My dream is” Arashi quietly said as he looked ahead at the
Kyuubi which was being kept at bay for the moment. “This jutsu
shall seal the Kyuubi in my son…I could never seal that demon in
just any child. My wish is for Naruto to be seen as a hero…good bye
Sarutobi…” Arashi gave one last big grin before heading into the
fray of the turmoil.

day after the funerals…

Ginshin could be
spotted at the memorial stone which had the names of every shinobi of
the village who died etched into it. He was focusing on the last name
inscribed on it, Uzumaki Arashi. Ginshin clenched his fists in anger,
anger at himself, he knew Arashi was going to go through with it. He
could have stopped him, he really could have if he tried there had to
be a way to stop the Kyuubi with out the use of the sealing

“I thought I would
find you here…it would sadden your mother to know you haven’t
been taking care of yourself.” Sarutobi quietly said as he walked
up slowly having had to become Hokage again. He was smoking his pipe
he then set Ginshin’s sakkat back onto his head. Ginshin just
looked to the ground sadly, before looking at the memorial stone
again to a few names before Arashi’s. Kinzoku Hanzo had died just
short before Arashi had begun the sealing technique, Ginshin had no
lost just his brother but his mother as well.

“They would be
saddened if you didn’t take care of yourself…now come on…there
is something you have to do. It was Arashi’s wish, now come
on….we’ll get you some food as well you look like you need to
eat.” the Sandaime Hokage, and Ginshin walked off quietly, and as
luck would have it, it started to rain again. It was hard for them
everyone in honesty, they lost friends and family during the attack.

at the Hokage Tower…

“Ginshin…it was
Arashi’s last wish that you be Naruto’s legal guardian. In a
sense of familial bonds you would be like an uncle to him.”
Sarutobi smoked his pipe quietly as Ginshin stared quietly at the
infant Naruto before extending index finger. The infant grasped hold
of his finger and Ginshin smiled softly, he then chuckled, and the
infant giggled.

“Okay old man you got
me there…and I can guess the people don’t know about the demon
being sealed inside yet.” Ginshin was spot on he knew it when
Sarutobi nodded his head quietly. Ginshin could tell that Naruto
would have a hard life if he wasn’t there, that’s why Arashi did
what he did. Despite that Naruto had grandparents, the grand father
wasn’t a good role model, and the grandmother couldn’t be tracked
down. Also she was a foul tempered, chronic gambling drunk.

the ceremony to announce what had occurred…

“People of
Konohagakure…I present your savior. This child contains within him
the soul of the Kyuubi…” Sarutobi announced, and the crowd began
to begin talking amongst themselves.

“The Kyuubi is in
there? Then it is weak kill it!!!” one citizen shouted, a few
Shinobi bound and leaped to the roof tops and rushed forward towards
the infant Naruto. They were immediately taken down by two ANBU, one
with black hair wearing a Crow mask, and another with white hair
wearing a Tiger mask. The villagers then began to storm the entrance
to the tower to ready to take the life of an innocent child.

Before they could enter
through the door two Chuunin blocked the way, one was of Hyuuga
heritage her hair falling over the right side of her face and wore
the Hyuuga Clan robes. The other had red hair she was clad in red
camouflage pants, and black unbuttoned blouse over a red tank top
which had a phoenix embroidered on it. Her red hair that resembled
fire easily identified her, she was Houyoku Shinka and her partner
was Hyuuga Kikka.

“Hey you freakin’
idiots!” Ginshin called out as he stood near the edge his eyes
shifting and becoming as wild as he could be when provoked properly.
The crowd settled down and stopped their panic, one ninja tried to
make an attempt on the child’s life but he was promptly grabbed
hold of by the side of the head and slammed down to floor. The force
of which he hit the ground knocked the wind right out of him.

“That will
be…ENOUGH!! This child has saved us all by containing the Kyuubi.
But from this day fourth you are not allowed to speak of what is
sealed inside of him. To do such will land you in prison for fifteen
years. This child is to have a normal life.” Sarutobi showed his
more temperamental side to get the citizens and the ninja from
ceasing their little civil war for the time being. Sarutobi and
Ginshin didn’t go with out noticing the dirty look Danzou was
giving them, more precisely the entire council of elders. They could
be dealt with at a later time, a much later time, the villagers on
the other hand began to leave.

“Arashi what have you
gotten me involved in…hoo boy…” Ginshin fell to his knees
rubbing his temples quietly, he could tell this was going to be more
stressful on him than being forced to go out with Shinka. He got back
to his feet and looked at Naruto before poking him in the nose. “Kid
I can tell you’re gonna be one big headache…” Ginshin stoically
said before Naruto giggled.

years later…

“Ginshin this is the
tenth time this week we had to call you in here…frankly I think he
picks up this kind of behavior from home!” an exasperated Iruka
said as he rubbed his own temples quietly, looking at Naruto and
Ginshin. Naruto was now five years old and attending the Ninja
Academy. Naruto had his trademark unruly spiked hair, and had taken
to wearing an orange and black hoodie with the Uzumaki clan seal on
the back. The sleeves featured black flames, and Naruto of course had
taken to wearing camouflage, in his case it was also orange. Finally
his t-shirt was black with the village leaf symbol on it.

“So he sneaks out of
your classes, he must be learning something. Or maybe you’re making
it too boring for the boy.” Ginshin dryly responded in a bored
manner, as he slid down in the chair he was sitting in before pulling
his sakkat downwards. Naruto snickered and pulled his hood up copying
his legal guardian’s devil may care attitude.

HANZO!!” Iruka shouted with infuriation to his voice, he couldn’t
get how Naruto didn’t mimic everything Ginshin did. The nine times
before this meeting Naruto had painted the Hokage monument with
graffiti, sneaked out of class with Kiba, and even gotten into a
fight with Sasuke numerous times before. “This is getting to be
troublesome, the Uchiha clan is getting frustrated with one of their
heirs coming home with a bloody nose.”

“Can’t help that
Naruto gets in fights, he’s gotta establish early on he’s the
alpha of the pack.” Ginshin smirked in the shade of his sakkat, of
course Iruka stammered at this comment and slammed his hands on his
desk. “THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT GINSHIN!!! And this isn’t a
pack of wolves!!” Iruka responded in irritation of the situation,
it was getting on his nerves even more gradually.

“Look pal…I got him
to stop doing that damn useless jutsu that made your nose bleed, he
got the idea after looking in one of Kakashi’s books.” the silver
haired jounin explained as he sat upright, he pulled the hood of the
boy’s sweat shirt down and shook his head some. “All I’m saying
is that you being the only influence in his life isn’t a good idea.
He needs a feminine influence a positive one because you’re
teaching him some bad traits.” Iruka explained calmly as he looked
at the two noticing that they both looked like wild animals in a

“You know my stance
on settling down.” Ginshin would use any excuse to not get married,
he hated the idea of being tied down to one woman. He had his reasons
to not get married, one was the fear of more children, after raising
Naruto for five years he learned the hard way they were a handful.

“You could at least
ask someone to help you. It can't possibly be easy taking care of
Naruto on your own. It's just a thought, I can see a lot of promise
in Naruto if he actually tries paying attention.” Iruka was now
speaking more softly as if he could understand the situation. It was
undoubtedly hard for one person to raise a child like Naruto who
seemed to be a troublemaker.

“I'll think about it,
if Naruto hasn't considered committing any other felonies today we
have to go. We have to go see the Hokage about the trip we're
taking.” Ginshin waited until Iruka nodded for it to be okay for
them to leave. He then grabbed Naruto by the arm and walked out with
him. Once they were outside the office Ginshin ran his hand down over
his face slowly. “Kid you're going to be the death of me! I swear!!
ARGH!!” Ginshin was starting to ramble and and become exasperated.

“It's wednesday that
must mean Naruto got in trouble again a new record.” softly spoke a
woman, Ginshin slowly turned to see Kikka with Hinata hiding behind
her. He momentarily stopped his ranting and raving and cleared his
throat, he then grinned setting a hand on Naruto's head. Ruffling the
boy's hair lightly.

“Eh hehehehe. You
could say that...why are you here Kikka?” Ginshin took a complete
turn in personality for a moment and Naruto began to grin slyly, sly
as a fox. He rubbed his hands together looking between Ginshin and

“Ohhhhh I get it.
Ginshin you're sweet on her aren't you? What will happen if Rin finds
out?” Naruto began to snicker and Ginshin bopped Naruto on the
head. “HEY WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?” Naruto rubbed the top of
his head glaring at Ginshin who was crouched down glaring at Naruto.
“What do you think you're doing!?” Ginshin angrily snapped at
Naruto in a low voice they turned away from Kikka and Hinata.

“Pointing out that
you apparently like Rin?” Naruto responded with a cheeky grin on
his face, he was planning to cause Ginshin much more trouble. The two
looked back at Kikka and Hinata grinning some before returning to
their little discussion.

t-that the man you like?” Hinata timidly asked her cousin about
Ginshin, of course Hinata blushed when she looked at Naruto. The two
clowns that were arguing glanced back at the two females for a moment
before returning to their argument. This caused the two Cayuga women
to sweat drop at the sight, Kikka just smiled delicately. “Well
Hinata...hard to say sometimes...but he really is nice.” Kikka then
smiled softly at her cousin, there was no explaining it but she was
fond of Ginshin despite the oddness of his personality.

“We gotta go!” Gins
hefted Naruto off the ground and ran off carrying him over his
shoulder. Ginshin remembered just then that they had to be at the
Hokage Tower in ten minutes. Ginshin would normally be one to flirt
with Kikka but not today there was a few things he had to take care

“Heh...come on Hinata
we better get you home. Hiashi-sama must be getting worried by now.”
Kikka quietly said as she and her cousin walked out of the building,
Kikka was suppressing a desire to laugh at the exploits of Ginshin
and Naruto. But her Hyuuga properness wouldn't permit her to do such.

the Hokage Tower...

“Ah Ginshin I was
wondering when you would get here...I figured you would have to get
Naruto out of trouble again.” the elderly Hokage cheerfully said as
he looked at Ginshin and Naruto who had just arrived. Both were
looking a bit sheepish like they had been acting like the clowns that
they both were.

“Hai, Hokage-sama I
apologize...kind of unfortunate since we have to leave in a few days.
I kind of figured the knuckle head would try to make a good
impression that was good before we left.” Ginshin casually said as
he strolled into the office with Naruto following behind him.
Ginshin's eyes widened in shock to see none other than Rin in the
office. “GAH!!! RIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” he shouted in
shock as he fell onto his butt, he hadn't expected to see Rin here.

“I'm going with you
two on your training trip...I will not let sensei's child turn out to
be a carbon copy of you! Womanizing, horrible manners, and on top of
it all...constantly late and no respect for anyone!! You're like a
mixture of Jiraiya, Kakashi, and an Inuzuka!! I have already seen how
Naruto eats!” Rin basically ranted about how Ginshin has done a
horrible job as a role model for Naruto. Of course it was due to lack
of a proper mother figure, anyone could see that, Ginshin was a good
father figure in a sense but he was practically a wild beast.

Ginshin blinked for a
moment and chuckled some, albeit nervously, of course Naruto
instinctively ran over to Rin and jumped into her arms. “Rin!
Ginshin was so cool when he got me out of trouble today, he had this
cool makes devils cry attitude! Then there was this pretty lady and
Ginshin was acting funny around her!” Naruto being at that age when
he has no idea of the danger of telling a woman everything.

“Thank you for
telling me all that Naruto-kun! And it's devil may care attitude
dear.” Rin smiled in a motherly sense at Naruto, she then narrowed
her eyes at Ginshin. “Flirting with Kikka again? Last time it was
Shinka...but she usually punches you better have a good
explanation Mister Hanzo!” the brunette medic acidly spat at
Ginshin as she sat Naruto down on the Hokage's desk and marched over
to Ginshin. “Just because the clan restoration law allows you go
through with multiple marriages doesn't mean you should!” Rin
shouted angrily as she grabbed hold of Ginshin's ear and twisted it.

People passing the
tower on the street could hear a loud scream of pain coming from
Ginshin. Moments later in the Hokage tower, Ginshin, Rin and Naruto
were seated across from the Hokage, Ginshin was rubbing his sore ear.
“I think I lost hearing in my left ear Rin I hope you're happy!”
Ginshin was complaining about his sore ear, he continued to whine
until Rin made a motion to grab hold of Ginshin's other ear. This was
enough to shut him up and to stop his whining.

“Ahem...” Sarutobi
cleared his throat, a big drop of sweat on the side of his head he
now had the attention of the group. He then looked at the request for
extended leave from the village and went over it quietly. “Due to
circumstances I can only find that approve of this leave but seven
years is a long time, I must have your word you will return when
specified. You are to return a few months before the Genin tests in
seven years when Naruto's class is slated to be testing. Do I have
you're word?” Saturobi calmly said this, as he looked at the group,
he smiled when Ginshin nodded his head.

“Good then you have
my approval.” Sarutobi smiled cheerfully at them as he stamped the
paperwork with his official seal. The trio quickly left the office
while leaving Ginshin started complaining about the ear twisting.
Sarutobi had a good laugh at them, “They're quite the unusual
family unit...I can't wait to see how Naruto progresses with them in
his life...” with that the Hokage smiled cheerfully.

few days later...

you have everything because once we leave we can't come back.” Rin
asked Ginshin and Naruto with a strict authoritarian tone to her
voice. Ginshin was of course nodding his head vigorously, 'What
have I done to offend you Kami? Are you a woman? You can tell me!
Then again if Kami hated me I would be on this trip with Shinka'

Ginshin thought to himself before mentally cringing at the thought of
traveling with Shinka.

Rin-san!!” Naruto chimed in as he walked up with a chipper grin on
his face. The group of travelers then walked out the gates of the
village. They wouldn't be back for seven years, and it looked like
Naruto had everything packed including his fox plushie, which was an
odd thing to find in this village.

years later...

A trio walks up to the gates quietly, Ginshin, Rin, and
another who was much somewhat taller than he was seven years ago. Of
course he had a hood over his head so it was impossible to tell who
he was. But one guess could be he was a notorious troublemaker with a
rap sheet that was nothing to be proud of.

“Okay, Ginshin and Rin I'm going to go the academy
now see ya!” the boy cheerfully said as he walked away, Ginshin and
Rin just smirked at the boy. The boy had indeed changed his look over
the years, people might had expected him to start wearing a vest and
sakkat like Ginshin.

me...was that...?” Kakashi calmly asked as he walked towards the
two who were once team mates long ago. He of course had his nose in
another of his Icha Icha Paradise books. “Of course it was! He just
wants to make a big entrance.” Ginshin responded with a smirk,
seven years with the boy Ginshin learned the kid loved to make people
take notice.

The boy wore a long hooded jacket which was partially
black with dark orange flames raising from the bottom upward. With
the Uzumaki Clan spiral design in the center of the back. He stuck
with the orange camouflage it seemed to be his thing, as well as
wooden sandals probably a trait picked up from his guardian. The
sleeves of his coat were ripped off for some reason, bandage wrapping
about his hands and feet as well. Most defining of this new look was
the three swords he carried with him one across his back and two at
his sides.

He finally reached the academy and went straight for
Iruka's class room and walked in casually, he noticed a few people he
hadn't seen before as he walked in. He handed a scroll to Iruka and
smirked from behind the mask that was attached to his shirt. Iruka
took the scroll and smiled slyly and cleared his throat. “Attention
class...this is a former student that left a while back but before he
can rejoin the class he must pass a test so he must spar against the
best student in the class and win. So Uchiha Sasuke and the student
shall meet outside and we can begin this match.”

minute's later outside in the sparring area...

be over fast...” the Uchiha survivor quickly said as he assumed the
Uchiha taijutsu stance. The boy across the field smirked from behind
his black mask and pulled the hood of his coat back revealing his
somewhat long blonde spiky hair as he slid into his own unique
taijutsu stance. “Okay you two can use your own techniques you
know, do what it takes to win. But refrain from killing each other.
Begin!” Iruka explained before calling for them to start.

Sasuke rushed forward with great speed throwing a series
of punches and kicks which the other boy dodged and blocked. He spun
swiftly sidestepping and avoiding a strong side kick from the Uchiha.
The blonde haired boy went on the offensive as he rushed forward
punching the Uchiha swiftly in the stomach. This stunned the Uchiha
as he skidded back, he looked about quietly trying to find his

KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!(Multiple Shadow Clone Technique)

the blonde haired boy called out as he formed two clones, which
proceeded to move to the sides. Each of the clones began to do a
different set of hand seals while the original didn't do any. “You
better give up...” the original coldly said as reached for the hilt
of the long sword that lay across his back, slowly unsheathing it.
The clones hadn't been performing any specific jutsu just faking the
Uchiha out.

Finally the blade was unsheathed revealing a seven
bladed sword, a vicious weapon if there ever was one. The Uchiha
didn't show any signs of backing down, his eyes showing only hatred.
The boy grasped his sword tightly and rushed forward as the two
clones quickly grappled hold of Sasuke holding him in place. The boy
was rapidly approaching as he pulled the sword back ready to swing.
“I give up!!” the Uchiha shouted with much regret in his voice.
The other boy just stopped his running and spun the sword around
sticking it into the ground as his clones were dispelled.

done. I can see your sabbatical went well...I think its time you
showed the class who you are.” Iruka softly said as he clapped his
hands walking to the middle of the sparring area. The boy nodded and
pulled his mask down smirking some before he gave into his trademark
grin. “Hey guys! Ya miss me?” he cheekily commented as he rubbed
the back of his head.

lost to Naruto...impossible!” Sasuke shouted with infuriation, it
was impossible for him to lose to someone who had the worst grades in
class seven years ago. The whole of the class was all in shock as
well, the boy who made trouble so much years ago had changed into
something more skilled in seven years.

Hinata squeaked out as she poked her fingers together in timid
fidgeting, she was blushing furiously at the boy. Ino and Sakura were
staring at shock as they stared at Naruto in shock. “WHOO HOO WAY
TO GO NARUTO!!” Ino called out as she ran over and glomped Naruto.
Even before Naruto left he and Ino had formed a good friendship, one
could say Ino and Hinata ran the Naruto fan club. They for some
reason liked the underdog of the class, despite this win Naruto was
considered the underdog.

Naruto called out before falling over due to the blonde fangirl's
attack, he never thought to watch his back after a fight. “Hello
Ino-chan...could you stop glomping me so I can stand please?”
Naruto asked with a grin on his face, of course it dawned on her that
they were still in class. She let go of Naruto and stood to her feet
blushing deep crimson, she walked away quietly.

everyone back inside there's still another hour of class.” Iruka
calmly told them as he motioned for them to walk back inside. Naruto
stood to his feet and picked up his sword sheathing the blade as he
walked towards the rest of the class wanting to walk with the friends
he hadn't seen for seven years.

Hinata!” Naruto cheerfully said as he walked over to the Hyuuga
Heiress who timidly jumped some. Of course off to the side with
Sakura there was a blonde haired girl with her hair in a long braid
with long sleeves. “Who is that guy...and how dare he hit
Sasuke-kun!!” the girl was furious with rage, and was about to walk
over and punch Naruto. Sakura sighed some and pulled Sakura away
before she actually beat up Naruto.

didn't join our class until after he left...that wasn't the first
time he beat up Sasuke. And you think you could hurt him? Let's avoid
a war of the fangirls okay Rekka?” Sakura said with exasperation to
her voice. Rekka twitched with anger wanting to rush over and
strangle Naruto anyways. But meanwhile Naruto was chuckling as Hinata
stammered for a moment.

Na-Naruto-kun...welcome back...” the Hyuuga heiress quietly spoke
as she walked alongside Naruto. Her face was beet red, Naruto turned
to her and put his hand to her head, “Are you okay Hinata? You look
like you have a fever...” Naruto asked with concern. The girl then
flailed her arms in panic 'Naruto-kun is touching me! Oh my
don't faint don't faint!! Kikka-san told me that if I want to win
Naruto's heart I have to not be so shy!'
mentally reminded herself as she slowly calmed down. “Y-Yes I'm
fine Na-Naruto-k-kun...” Hinata stuttered out as the group returned
to class, Naruto nodded his head then turned his attention to Ino and
began to talk with her.

with Ginshin, Rin, and Kakashi...

thats what you were up to for seven two seem rather
close. What are you two dating or something.” Kakashi asked with
just a hint of jealousy to his voice. He was never able to tell Rin
exactly how he felt, he wasn't good with words.

no we're not dating.” Ginshin replied causing Kakashi to smile
behind his mask, but that wasn't the whole of the story.

married.” Kakashi then opened his exposed eye in shock, 'Ginshin
and Rin...married?! This has to be some stunt! They could barely get
along seven years ago.'
mentally told him self. Then he saw Rin's stomach was slightly
larger, and his eye widened.

Kakashi asked he felt so betrayed, but part of him was very happy for
his two former team mates. He could see that Ginshin and Rin seemed
to correct each other's flaws. Rin's feminine touch seemed to make up
for Ginshin's lack of manners.

two years ago...and he still somehow forgets our anniversary...”
Rin coldly said as she glared daggers at Ginshin. Ginshin sheepishly
looked at the ground since his wife was making him feel ashamed of
his actions. The super ability that all wives seem to possess, the
ability to bestow shame upon her husband.Ginshin
laughed nervously and scratched his own cheek, Kakashi sweat dropped
at this, and thanked the fates that he dodged that bullet.

Author's Notes: Okay so this is the first chapter of
my new fanfiction project, you can expect things to be unique and
different. What happened to Naruto on his training trip will be
revealed in later chapters, cause its not that important. And Yes
Ginshin gets a harem in this fic too because he loves the ladies.
Also its just fun to have him get punched in the face by Shinka. I
wont work on the next chapter of this until I update my other two
fics I promise!

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