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[Reviews - 15] LikedPrinter

Summary: The slacker-nin of Konoha and the fan-using nin of the Sand have had a hard time forgetting each other. A kind brother and a not-so-rule obeying Hokage make sure they meet again.

Simply because I want to see those two together...
Category: Het Romance > Top Six Pairs, Het Romance > Top Six Pairs > Shikamaru and Temari
Genres: None
Warnings: None
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Series: None
Chapter: 12 Completed: Yes
Words: 7611 Read: 11869
Published: 27/03/07 Updated: 28/04/07

1. Chapter 1 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 2] Liked (446 words)
Obviously I do not own Naruto, and I'm not in any way involved or related to the manga and/or anime.

Furthermore; I have only seen 143 episodes of Naruto, I haven't seen Shippuuden or read the manga. I do, however, know that the Sand-Nins are involved later on in the anime, and because of this things are bound to have happened that I have not included in this story. Please don't hate me. I just like the idea of those two together, that's why I wrote this story. Read, enjoy and review if you feel like it...

And I suck at Chapter titles, so you get none. Have an idea? Give it to me and I might add it :)
2. Chapter 2 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 0] (400 words)
Short, I know. Longer chapters are coming, at least I think they are longer... Just thought it was a nice way of dividing it up a bit... Easier to read, or something like that. Enough rambling. Enjoy.
3. Chapter 3 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 0] (292 words)
Chapter three. Again no title. I'm starting to enjoy this 'letting others read what I write stuff'...
4. Chapter 4 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 0] (399 words)
Fourth chapter. Not much more to say. Hope you like it.
5. Chapter 5 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 0] (333 words)
Fifth one. I hope I'm not abusing the characters too bad. They are older, how old I don't even know myself, so I guess that could excuse a bit of a change... Whatever, read on if you can accept they way I portray them I guess. :)
6. Chapter 6 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 0] (329 words)
Chapter six, last one for now. I need to go to bed, and I really need to study for the next couple of days. I'll write more when I can. Knowing myself, some smut might be coming into this now... We'll just have to see. Enjoy.
7. Chapter 7 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 1] Liked (464 words)
Woohoo, so I'm actually updating this. If anybody happens to read it, sorry it took so long. I wrote the following four chapters (7-10) on the train, but I do think they turned out way better than the first ones.

If you do happen to read this, it would be nice to receive some reviews... It feels slightly boring to get nothing for what I write... But only if you feel like it.

Disclaimer; You know the deal, I don't own Naruto or any other character in the series, yada yada yada and so on!
8. Chapter 8 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 0] (601 words)
Perhaps a bit of a transport, but I felt it necessary...
9. Chapter 9 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 1] Liked (639 words)
Wiiee, I like this chapter. They're so cute. Hope you enjoy it too. ^-^
10. Chapter 10 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 3] Liked (686 words)
Last chapter in this update. I've started chapter 11, don't know when it'll be up. Hopefully it won't take too long. Please review, it would feel so good to get some...
11. Chapter 11 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 2] Liked (1382 words)
Omg, sorry for the long lack of updates. On top of that you only get one chapter now, but it is a juicy one. At least I think so...hope you'll like it. They're so good together, I've made myself fall in love with this pairing even more by writing this. Haha.

You know the usual stuff; I don't own Naruto or any characters from it, I'm not associated with those who own Naruto, I make no money from this fic & please review. ^-^
12. Chapter 12 by invisible_habits [Reviews - 6] Liked (1640 words)
Final chapter. I'll say no more than that. Please review, reviews is what made me write this chapter up when I really should be studying for my exam on Friday... Enjoy.