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Out of every idiot.... by akiyasuuchiha

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Only 2 mins after chapter 1!! Hope ya enjoy!!
Naruto got medicene and walked home with Sasuke. When they got to Sasuke's house only his brother was home....

"Sasuke. Is that you?" Itachi's voice seemed distant. It made Naruto shutter.
"Yes brother. Naru-kuns here to." Sasuke new Naruto hated it when he called him that. That's why he did it. God he looked so cute mad. "Come on! Lets go to my room."
Naruto layed on Sasukes soft bed. He could of fell asleep right then!
"Hey, Naruto. What bra size do you were?" Sasuke smriked at Naruto's reaction.
"Wha?" Sasuke blushed along with Naruto, then sat by him on the bed. "Sasuke, how are you going to make it up to me?" God Naruto was dumb!
"How do you think?" Sasuke said, smashing there lips together before Naruto could protest, athough he highly doubted he would. Sasuke moaned as he took off Naruto's shirt.
"Sasuke! Your brother!" Naruto stammered. He hurriedly smaked Sasuke's hand away from his pants.
"Look, if you don't want this then fine. I'll stop. I was only doing it for you." Sasuke didn't know why, but Naruto turned away with tears in his eyes. "What?"
"If you don't want it then why do it?" Sasuke came closer and whispered in his ear "Maybe I also want this!"
Sasuke hugged naruto. "Maybe i love you. Or rather not." Naruto pushed away.
"Sasuke. Basturd." Sasuke was confused.
"Do you want this or not?" Sasuke asked demandingly. Naruto Grabbed Sasuke's shirt. Why spoil the fun. Besides, he would probly never get another chance with the almighty Uchiha heir.
"ummmmmmmmm." Naruto moaned as him and Sasuke kissed.
"Pants on for now!" Sasuke said. "Later we'll try with no pants." LATER! Naruto couldn't wait.
"Hey dobe?" Sasuke asked
"You're beautiful!" Sasuke said, putting a hand down Naruto's pants and grabbing a certain object. "I'm going to make you cum!" He pumped on Naruto shaft. As fast as he could.
Naruto was about to go blind with pleasure when he felt a sticky subtance cover his lower half. "ummmmmmmmmm."
"Now you do that to me." Sasuke said, grabbind Naruto's hand and placing it in his pants. "Rub!" Sasuke demanded. And Naruto did. He kissed Naruto after he cummed to and placed his hand back in Naruto's pants playing with his balls. He was extra careful not to touch his groin. That was for tonight!
Sasuke heared the door open and all together he saw an extremly fimiular figure.

So short. Sorry. Work on it later. Please comment!!
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