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Funny Thing Is, I Do Love You by Nikki_Yaoi

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Chapter notes: This chapter is short, but I have to go xD I hope you guys like it c: Um ya, review please n-n
Hello, I'm Shiinto Kelsea. I am part of the infamous Shiinto clan that had been killed off for the most part before I was born in attempt to keep control of Akki, the demon lynx and my parents were killed when I was seven and in this hell hole I have come to call home.

She ran a hand through her chocolate colored locks as she looked at the closed window that she dared not open in fear Tayuya or even worse, Orochimaru would yell at her.

Today though, she didn't have to worry about Tayuya, for the red headed female was going out to capture Uchiha Sasuke and bring him back, but it had been over a day. Where were they? She cautiously opened the window, just in time to see a raven haired man with a ripped shirt.

She climbed out of the window and skipped over to him, smiling with a wide, yet fake, smile. "Ah, you must be Uchiha-sama," she said.

He looked over at her, but said nothing, only stopping, waiting for her to continued.

Her eyes suddenly looked slightly hurt, "Ano...Uchiha-sama, you don't remember me? I'm Shiinto Kelsea," she whispered, holding her hand out. Sasuke merely stared at it, before looking back at her.

"You're Nikki-chan's sister," he stated, staring into the girl's golden eyes.

"Yes, you're Oneechan's best friend, right? Ah, nevermind, we'll have time to talk later, Orochimaru-sama has been expecting you, as has Kabu-kun..." she whispered, balancing Sasuke, before poofing them into a lab. "Orochimaru-sama, Uchiha-sama has arrived," she mumbled, her eyes meeting Orochimaru's equally golden eyes.

"Kelsea-chan, stay," Orochimaru demanded as he saw her turn to leave. She nodded and sat down, crossing her legs and watching the Uchiha as he was treated by Kabuto.

"Ne, Orochimaru-sama, where will Uchiha-sama be staying?" Kelsea asked.

"With you," was Orochimaru's short, but effective reply as he looked over at Kelsesa, "Oh and by the way when you succeed in escaping here, please send your sister my way...I've taken interest in her," Orochimaru whispered, a smirk forming across his abnormally pale face.

Kelsea twitched slightly, oh how she hated the man-she just wanted to STAB him. Bad thoughts, bad thoughts. Must get rid of them, she hissed internally as she smiled at Orochimaru. "Ah, hai Orochimaru-sama, I shall escort Uchiha-sama to our room once Kabuto-sama is done," she stated.
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