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Wierd Pairing Stories by gaaras_girl343

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Do not own Naruto.
This is the author, gaaras_girl343!! I talk to my friends about boy+boy girl+girl parings, and I wanted to tell you them, and give you a small quiz at the end of each pairing.

Imagine I paired Kakashi-sensei and Gai-sensei. What would their kids look like?

c:my OC
d:Gai and Kakashi
e:one messed up baby
If you chose e, you were right! I can’t describe the kid, but it does have bushy eyebrows and a Shurigan Eye.

Now, imagine I paired TenTen and Temari. What would happen between Temari and Shikamaru?

a:Shika will kill Temari
b:Shika would kill TenTen
c:Shika will be mad at Temari, so TenTen will kill Shika
d:Shika will get over it
If you chose c, you were right! If Temari was upset because Shikamaru was yelling at her, TenTen would kill him with a Twin Dragon Scroll Jutsu and kill him.

I paired up Sasuke and Naruto, a pretty common pairing. But imagine what Sakura would say.

a:Sasuke would die
b: “Sasuke, you jerk!”
c:Naruto would die

If you chose c, then you were right! Sakura will take her anger out on Naruto, so she would kill him, hoping Sasuke would be hers.

I will pair up Kisame and Zabuza, which is pretty ronchy. What would Haku think?

a:He would flip
b:He would ignore it
c:He would kill them both

If you chose b, then you were right! Instead of flipping, he would just let them be gay.

Now for this chapter’s final pairing, Gaara and Kankuro! Instead of a multiple choice question, I want you to write me a review saying what you think about it. Is it ronchy, or do you like it?
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