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Announcement by Shinosuke

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So here I am.
I'm prepared for your beating and i know i deserve it.
I've been gone for an entire year.
I know you all hate me.
the rating for my story dropped from 4 1/2 stars to 2
sorry sorry!!!
BUT i've posted lots of new chapters.
Oni disappeared much like i did and i haven't talked to her.
My only other editor is a lazy bum (I'm talking to you Hiroyuki)
But i've reappeared.
Please don't hate me forever and read the rest of it.
it's not finished but it will be very soon.
I didn't intend to take so long.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
But here i am with a fresh fix of yaoi for all you fangirls.
I'll warn you the story gets a little dark but i promise there will be a happy ending.
I've added and taken out lots of stuff.
Re-read chapters 4 and 6 they've changed a lot.
You might not notice it since it's been a year since you read the original but it's different.
i really hope this story begins to flourish like it did when i very first started nearly two years ago.

I give you permission to beat me up for keeping you waiting so long.

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