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What If by Satski

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Chapter notes: Eh, not sure what to say;;
What If

What if my brother was sane?

What if he didn't have to prove his power?

What if I didn't swear revenge?

What if I wasn't a coward?

What if I didn't run away?

What if I never met 'him'?

What if he wasn't a dead last?

What if I wasn't “rookie of the year”?

What if I never spoke to him?

What if we were never on the same team together?

What if you never tried to earn my acknowledgment?

What if I never gave you my acknowledgment?

What if I didn't fall in love with you?

What if I had told you my feelings?

What if you didn't like her?

What if she didn't like me?

What if she didn't exist?

What if you dropped your mask?

What if I dropped mine?

What if I wasn't looking for power?

What if 'he' didn't grant me power and more?

What if my brother never came back?

What if he didn't come back for you?

What if I was never attacked?

What if they weren't from Otogakure?

What if I never followed them?

What if I never sold my soul?

What if you never followed me?

What if you never caught up to me?

What if you didn't punch me?

What if I had dodged that punch?

What if you never tried to take me back?

What if I had followed you back?

What if I didn't try to kill you?

What if I had killed you?

What if I was the one left unconscious?

What if I hadn't left you in the rain?

What if I didn't leave for three years?

What if I didn't come back?

What if you still felt the same for me?

All those questions, and each leads to different answer's, different questions, different paths we could have taken, different destinies. But in the end, everyone makes their own destiny to follow, none of it makes a difference when it all comes crashing down. Then again...

What if I never saw him with another?


What if I killed myself? Would that make a difference? Would you regret you stopped loving me? Would you still be with him? Or would you just not care?


What if you never fell in love? Would you still take him away from me? Would he go to me? Or would he go to another?

Are 'What if' and 'Happy Ending's' even real?

What if you never hated me when you saw me again?

I guess they're not...

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