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I'll Never Let Go by Godricgirl

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It's been two and a half years since they last saw him and finally they've come to take him back. Both of their hearts raced as they searched room after room to find him, but nothing yet. A loud sound echoed though the halls as an explosion blew a crater through the underground maze. Team Kakashi ran as fast as they could toward's the sound. Sakura saw him first as she approched Sai with murder in her eye's. "If you touch Sasuke-kun I'll kill you!" As she said it, a voice she recognized spoke her name. "Sakura? So you've come for me after all this time?" The dark voice reached far into her heart as she turned to look at the man she had loved for so long. "Sa-Sasuke-kun?" Just as realization dawned on her Naruto found his way out of the maze and to where his best friend stood, looking down on them from the spot that the crater was made from.

"So you've both come. I thought I told you two years ago that I'm finished with you and Konoha. I have a goal that must be made into reality and in order to do that I must obtain power through Orochimaru. You both made a big mistake to come after me here. It will be the end of you both." Sasuke pulled out his katana and in the blink of an eye was at Naruto's side. "You don't understand Naruto, I must kill Itachi and bring back my clan. I've already told you not to interfer. Your still the idiot you were two years ago. If you have time to search for me , you should train more." Sasuke brought down his katana to put an end to his once best friends life. Sakura screamed as she saw what Sasuke was about to do. Naruto jumped back and saw the look in Sasuke's eye. He had his blood red eyes focused on the fight.

"I will not let you win Sasuke. I've told you before that I will not give up on you. You are my best friend and thats a bond that won't break no matter how hard you try. If it's power you want, you should know that the three of us are at our stongest when were together. If you wise up then come and seek us where we first became team 7." With that said Naruto, Sai and Yamoto vanished.

Sakura stood there next to Sasuke with saddness in her deep green eyes. She didn't want to leave him again. It had taken her so long to find him and now she had to let go again. She turned to face him one last time before she let go completely. His eyes looked straight into her sole and in that moment she knew he still felt the same for her. He never said it but they both knew. His feeling for her had grown in a way he never expected. When they first meet she was nothing but another annoying fangirl. All she wanted was his attention but after they became team 7 she grew up and found that he was more than a crush, he had become a friend. The bond between them grew without either of them realizing. Sakura's obsession with Sasuke became a growing point for a friendship without limits. No matter how hard Sasuke tries to deny it, her love for him found a place in his cold heart and somehow made his feelings for her strech deep within his sole.

"Sakura. Why did you come after me? If Orochimau finds you here he will kill you without hesitation and that could be troublesome." He didn't need her to answer. He already knew why. The look in her eyes was enough for him. "Sasuke-kun. Please theres no time right now. Meet me at the training ground outside of the village at midnight. I won't tell Naruto so come alone and please don't leave me again." With that she disappered and left Sasuke's heart in a battle between love and revenge.
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