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Naruto... Fatal Fury Style?! by Ayumi Saiyuki

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Chapter notes: i dont own naruto
" no! Andy, I'm not coming back, I'm through with you!" Shouted a red head women. " What? Why? please i dont wanna lose you!" Cried silver haired Andy. " forget it, i had enough of you fooling around! its over" She walked out the door, seeing Terry, andy's brother staring at you. She notice that he was there hearing everything. She walked past him and left the two staring at one another. " whoa, you really done it this time." said Terry to his brother. Andy sat down on his soft bed, then put his hand on his head. " so, Andy, you think she'll be back?" Andy starred at his brother. " i know she will, she loves me too much" Terry turned to walk out his room, then he called out to his brother. " Yeah, Andy, i dont think she'll be coming back." Andy got up from his bed. " What are you talking about?" he walked towards his brother, he was reading something. Andy pulled on his brother's ponytail. " What is that?" Terry turned around and held out a ripped up paper. " yeah, sorry bro." Andy snatch the paper away from Terry. It said.

if your reading this, you go to hell! i hate you! i never wanna see you again. I'm going on a journey. Dont bother to look for me!
- Mai

Andy starred in shock. " she really did left me" he said quietly, his eyes was watering. " dont worry! She'll come back. She cant find no other guy with silver hair like you, can she." Andy was happy to be in his brother's comfort. " yeah, there is only one andy." Terry open the front door to leave. " where the hell you going?" cried andy. " i got a tornament to go to, you in?" Andy starred at the note. " What's it called?" he asked. " King Of Fighters." Andy walked towards his brother. " na, i'll skip out on that one, good luck... Lone wolf." Terry shrugged his shoulders, then walked out the door, leaving Andy alone. " Mai." he said to himself.
- Mai's Story-
it was a bright and cheerful morning. Mai walked down the path in the forest, with exhaustion. Then something caught her eyes. She saw a big gate. " Maybe i can rest in this village for a while." She walked towards the gate, but a man with a bandana stopped her.
The man looked like he was really sick.( sorry guys! i havent been on! i was busy with Utada, godmothers, u know) " who are you, do u have a pass to enter?" he asked. mai looked around herself. " guess thats a no." he walked towards her. " Then leave for i'll have to dispose of you." mai looked at him up and down. " he looks like an easy opponent, this is going to be easy." she reached into her back and pulled out a fan. " as the daughter of the great martial artist, Hanzo shiraui, i, Mai shiranui, clearly exept your challenge!" he reached into is pocket for a kunai. Then suddenly stop, he backtrack to her words. He lowered down his kunai. " a shiraui, you say?" mai, still on guard, backed up. " yeah, whats it to ya?" " i was-" he was interrupted by a voice. " Hay Hayate! who is it?!" It cried. Hayate turned to the voice. " just a girl, i can handle her." once he turned back to mai, she was gone. " where she..." he looked around and around. He turned to the gates. " she couldnt have...!" he thought outloud. " hay!" he shouted. " summon Lord Hokage, we've got an intruder!"
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