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Broken Beyond Repair by FanciiOne

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Chapter notes: My return!! After 3 LONG MONTHS I make my author return with a new SasuNaru story! I hope you enjoy the first chapter!
^^ Comment and Crit it ^^
If you've never expirienced love, or been broken so many times, does love even exist?

Sasuke Uchiha grew up most of his life with no family whatsoever. No one to love him or care for him, yet always living in fear that his brother Itachi who slayed his whole clan would come for him as well one day. Living in secultion from everyone alone for years until he joined Team 7, and met a certain blonde idiot.

Naruto Uzumaki was hated and shunned from the moment he was born, with the Kyuubi sealed within him. He was feared by many and loved by none. But he was always in high spirits of accomplishing his dream of becoming Hokage and being a great Shinobi. Naruto never had many friends...and never knew many people until he joined Team 7. And a dark haired bastard caught his eye.

Cracks of yellow light creeped through the curtains into a dark room. A boy, 15 or 16 years old tossed and turned in his bed as a loud, annoying, ringing of an alarm filled his ears. He moaned and reluclently sat up only to fall back down, yawning. He rolled off of the bed and onto the floor with a loud thud. He had dark, raven colored hair and pale skin. He was thin, but still had muscle mass and he slowly got up. His pale body shimmered against the cracks of sunlight before opening the curtains, his whole body illuminated it yellow. He was also quite tall, between 5'10 and 6'0.

He made his way out of the master bedroom and walked down the empty dark corridor hallways. The wallpaper and paint crumbling and cracked. The floors creaked with every step as he made his way down the stairs to the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of water out of his fridge and walked over to the laundry room. He threw on a black shirt and some kahki shorts along with his sandles and looked into the mirror. He looked okay, his hair was messy but he really didn't care. He walked out of the lone mansion and made his way down the Uchiha district. This boy was Sasuke Uchiha, on his way to a training mission with Team 7.


"Where the hell is Sasuke-teme!" Naruto complained as he, Sakura, and Kakashi were perched high up in the trees at the training grounds.

"Yeah Kakashi-sensei why do we always have to wait for him? He's always late and all he does is mope around here," Sakura chipped in.

"Yeah! And he isn't even that good! I bet I could take him Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto added after Sakura.

"Not even on your best day Naruto, just be patient. You guys live just up the street from here he has to come all the way from the Uchiha District on the other side of town."

Just then Sasuke appeared at the top of the trees with them. He glared at all three, especially the blonde.

"Okay...he's here Kakashi can we just get to our training now?" Naruto whined.

"Yes we can, today you are to find out at least one new thing about each memeber of your team. Teamwork is the fault of everyone, if we have teamwork we will be great. Now off you go," Kakashi said smoothly as he pulled out the latest 'Icha Icha Paradise' 'novel' and red quickly went to his cheeks as he giggled.

Naruto slowly climbed down the tree, but fell about halfway down and landed on his ass, with Sasuke standing right there.

"Why didn't you catch me Sasuke-teme!"

"It wasn't my fault you fell Dobe. Next time don't fall." Sasuke said coldly as they sat down on the ground in somewhat of a triangle fashion and started chating, though it was a hostile atmosphere with Sasuke and Naruto glaring at eachother the whole time. Naruto rambled about how much he loved ramen and started naming all different kinds.

'What an idiot,' Sasuke thought.

Sakura then talked about how she used to want to be a vet when she was a kid, but decided not to after she discovered her allergies to dogs and cats.

"What about you Sasuke-kun?" Naruto and Sakura asked simultainiously.

"I have no living relatives except for my brother who I wish was dead," Sasuke answered with a stern look of boredom on his face.

Sakura and Naruto stared at him for a few seconds and then went back to chatting, leaving Sasuke there to watch. He felt alone and left out, secluded from the world.


A tad short I know but meh...I'm not that good of a writer anyway.
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