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Akatsuki gone wrong by neko youkai

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: This is much like the series you see on youtube done by omni strife. It's also a response to my own challenge. Everything here is not to be taken seriously and is all for the sake of humor. I do not own Naruto or fun with akatsuki. May contain spoilers
Leader: Wow, a series dedicated to me! I'm flattered!
Itachi: We're involved too you know!
Leader: Awww.....fine! *walks away*
Itachi: So..where is everyone?
Deidara: It's Sunday! They're all at home eating blubber nuggets or beating up Naruto. hmm
Itachi: Then how come you're here?
Deidara: Because sasori's here! *giggle* hmm
Itachi: O__O I..I thought you were guys...
Deidara: I know *giggle* hmm
Itachi: *backs away slowly* Well, I'm ganna go pose for people's magazines now. See ya Deidei!
Deidara: Don't call me deidei! hmm
Sasori: Deidara, why do you always say "hmm"?
Deidara: It's just a phase sasori ^_^ hmm
Sasori: ...
Tobi: Hi guys!
Deidara and sasori: Tobi NO!
Tobi: Aw..but I reeaalllllyyy wanna join!
Deidara: NO! You're too nice!
Tobi: Well, can I join if I'm evil then?
Sasori: I..I guess so...
Tobi: OKAY! *runs away*
Sasori: What's he up too?

*chainsaw sound in the background*

Tobi: Hi guys! Can I join now?
Deidara: O___O What did you do? hmm
Sasori: And why are you covered him red stuff?
Tobi: I killed elmo...can I join now?
Sasori: WHAT? NUUU! YOU.DO.NOT.HURT.PUPPETS! You got that? *glare*
Tobi: But..but..but
Sasori: *grabs kunai*
Deidara: Aw..come on! Chill! He's just a little boy! hm
Orochimaru: Hmm? O_O
Deidara: NOTHING!!!!! ^_^'' hm
Orochimaru: Oh okay....*continues to try to fix the freezer*
Tobi: Don't kill tobi! Tobi is a good little boy!
Orochimaru: Did I hear something about little boys?
Deidara: NO! *sweatdrop*
orochimaru: Oh..okayyy...
Tobi: Tobi is a good little boy!!!!
Orochimaru: That's it! *grabs the "kit" * You're coming with me! *grabs tobi*
Deidara: O__O''

*somewhere in orochimaru's place*

Orochimaru: Kabuto! I've found another little boy!
Kabuto: Does that mean little timmy can go now?
Orochimaru: No, we still need him for the sacrifice to my dad
Kabuto: Micheal jackson?
Orochimaru: yeah ^_^ *nod nod*
Tobi: What are you ganna do with tobi?
Orochimaru: *smirk* *grabs the how to be a pedophile in 3 easy steps book* My dad wrote it himself ^_^
Kabuto: *slowly backs off*
Orochimaru: It says here to ask for the gender, age, and family background
Tobi: I'm a little boy! My family died by my nephew!

*somewhere far away*

Itachi: *twitch* Kisame, My uchiha senses are tingling.....(see? told ya there will be spoilers)
Kisame: O_O''

*back at orochimaru's place*

Kabuto: Oh..EM...GEE!!!!!!!!!!!! My eyes are voilated!!!!
Orochimaru: What? I'm not even doing anything!
Kabuto: It''s horrible! You're FACE!!!! AHHH!!!
Orochimaru: -_-'' Die....*stab*
Kabuto: X_X
Tobi: Kabuto san does have a point there...
Orochimaru: WHAT WAS THAT?
Tobi: NUU! Don't kill tobi! Tobi is a good boy!
Orochimaru: *sweatdrop*

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