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It's strange that... by neko youkai

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: Continuation of chapter 1
- It's strange that in order of put 1 space between each line for the readers to read, you have to put 2 spaces between the lines when you type it out.
- SasuNaru is probably the most famous pairing in all of the anime world
- If you ever watched bleach, you'll notice that Ichigo is like Naruto and Ishida is like Sasuke
- In the cantonese dub version of Naruto, Sasuke's voice actor is a girl.
- In the japanese and english version of Naruto, Naruto's voice actor is a girl.
- In the english version, konohamaru's voice actor is the same as Ino's which is also a girl
- Naruto's voice actor appeared in the television series of Mad TV episode 11
- If you wonder how I got these information, check out
- On TONFA, there is wayyyyy more yaoi fanfics than yuri fanfics
- This is the only fanfic I ever wrote that is not for a humor purpose.
- I spent 2 hours writing to this far O_O
- and I just noticed it...
- you've wasted ANOTHER 5 minutes reading this junk
- Why the heck am I still typing?
- I am weird...
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