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Don't Do This at Home by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: This was hard to write x.e Grawr, I know for a fact if someone said one of these things to me I`d kill them! D=
Oni_chan, you make the best challenges ever n3n

Don`t own Naruto
1.Don't call Orochimaru a pedophile
-Being the Orochimaru fangirl I am, I can tell you one thing: Run for your life ;o

2.Say Michael Jackson is Orochimaru's dad.
-You`ll get the crap beaten out of you xD

3.Say Orochimaru is secretly dating Kabuto.
-I dare you to say this.

4.Say that Orochimaru will die in the series.
-Damnit, we know this will most likely happen, but don`t ruin our dreams... -grabs machine gun-

5.Say Orochimaru left the Akatsuki because Sasori dumped him.
-Once again, run for your life.

6.Say that weasels are all in all cooler then snakes then rip a snake plushie apart.
- ...-foams at the mouth-

7.Say Orochimaru had a gender change and is really a girl in disguise.
-Fajfhs x.e Not true.

8.Say that Orochimaru really isn`t evil, it is just his part time job and that Orochimaru really wants to be a fashion designer but they keep rejecting him.

9. Tell them Orochimaru's tongue isn`t used just to turn into a snake.
-OKAY! That will make people such as myself go 8DDD

10.Say Orochimaru sleeps around and that those cursed seal marks are just a disguise for what they really are.
--points at machine gun-

11. Say Orochimaru is fat, afterall, who can fit a sword in their stomach?
-He is not fat.

12.Say he does things to Sasuke.
-._. No...just no.

Next up is Gaara! 8D For all the fangirls... n_n
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