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My Naruto OC's by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Because I could make a story for every OC I have that describes their past and relationships and what not, I decided I need to make this, and first of: Nikki and Kelsea.

I do NOT own Naruto, I do however, own any art that is in this chapter/story.
Shiinto Kelsea

The one to the left is Nikki 24/25, the middle is Nikki`s 13-17 year old self, and then, the last one is Nikki at 18.

Name: Shiinto Nikki
Rank:Chunnin in Empty Shell, Jounin/Missing-Nin in the end of Forgotten and in Fatal Love, S-ranked Missing-nin in Shitsuren and Falling into the Darkness.
Family: Mother and Father- Killed by Itachi, Sister-Kelsea.
Friends:Most of the male shinobi, however, some are more like aquantices now that she has betrayed the village. People who still consider themselves her friends: Kelsea, Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Cameron (Dead), Jessica (Killed by Nikki), Kankurou, and Temari.
Previous Team: Chijou, Jessica, and Cameron.
Crush: Orochimaru (Husband currently)
Sexuallity: Straight
Information: When Nikki was about seven, her parents had rushed to the aid of the Uchiha Clan, however, they were killed by Itachi when they tried to protect Sasuke`s parents.
Nikki still holds a grudge against Itachi for that, but for Sasuke`s sake she had always kept quiet about it. Nikki also thought her sister had been killed, but Nikki had lost a small part of her memory, forgetting that her sister had been sent off with Orochimaru.
Her only 'family' left was Sasuke, Naruto, Gaara, and Jessica, as well as Neji who had become her boyfriend at the age of thirteen and a friend at the age of ten.
As Nikki grew she became more and more distant and her heart became cold, especially when the Third was killed and Sasuke was taken away, at that time she had sworn to get revenge against Orochimaru, however, as the years passed she obtained a fascination with the one who had taken a brother and father away (Sasuke and the Third, who she considered close enough to her to refer to them in that way.)
After Sasuke's return, Nikki had forgotten about the man, until she found Orochimaru near the village, beaten, his apprentice standing near him, trying to heal him?
Nikki had heard about Kabuto and had decided she didn`t like him, knowing he wasn`t as trustworthy as Orochimaru claimed he was.
The started fighting, Nikki ending up the winner and quickly disposing of him.
Chijou arrived a few minutes later with Tsunade, Nikki almost killed Chijou, but was knocked out and thrown besides Orochimaru.
Chijou let them be and left, Nikki healed Orochimaru and soon they fell in love, but in the process Nikki became cold and distant from her old friends. She also has a demon that she use to share with her twin, however, she took the rest of the demon just for power.
Can Beat: Sound Five, Kankurou, Temari, Gai, Lee, Kurenai, Asuma, Kakashi,Sakura,Ino, and Chijou
Can't Beat: Orochimaru, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Sasuke(Equal Power), Naruto(Equal Power), Itachi, Kisame, and Gaara (Equal Power), Neji (More like, doesn`t want to.)
Favorite Jutsu:Kage Bushin no Jutsu
Kuchiyose no Jutsu
Hōsenka no Jutsu
Weaknesses:Killing friends or fighting them,when she comes to adore someone, she can`t kill them even if she has the power unless she is extremely angry. Also has the tendancy to be very slow at times.

Shiinto Kelsea.

Name: Shiinto Kelsea Rank:Chunnin
Family: Mother and Father- Killed by Itachi, Sister-Nikki. Friends:Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Jessica, TenTen, Rock Lee,Chijou, and Sasuke and Naruto to some extent, Team: Chijou, Jessica, and Cameron. Crush: Sakura(Current Girlfriend), Neji (Later) Sexuallity: Bisexual Information: She was sent off at about four with Orochimaru, due to Nikki and he causing trouble with a certain lynx.
She trained with Orochimaru, but gained very little strenght due to her bubbly, happy, and sweet personallity, she just didn`t have the spirit to become a kunoichi.
She had a relationship with Orochimaru for a very short time, apparently he could only stand her bubbly antics for so long and soon pushed her off back to Konoha, not out of love, but annoyance.
She was held for a month or two before the deemed her trustworthy and set her free.
She soon became friends with the kunoichi of the village, Sakura more>
After a while, Kelsea fell in love with Sakura, for some reason, possibly the fact Sakura had been the nicest person to her once she had arrived and was always there and when she confessed Sakura returned her feelings, the cute kunoichi had gotten to Sakura`s heart afterall. She use to have part of a demon in her, however it was taken with ease. Can't Beat: Orochimaru, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Sasuke, Naruto, Itachi, Kisame, and Gaara , Neji, Sakura, Chijou, Kakashi, Gai, Asuma, Kurenai, and most of the shinobi around her. Favorite Jutsu: Focuses on Taijutsu, when she does use ninjutsu it is focused on a person's dreams and sleeps, rarely summons Eimin anymore. However, no one knows her jutsu for a simple reason, she rarely fights, and when she does, no one is around half of the time. Weaknesses: Will do anything to protect Sakura, that was how she lost the demon inside of her, she is also VERY bubbly and doesn`t take many things seriously.
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