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The Story of You and I by MellyHornXD

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Table of Contents

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Disclaimer: I am making absolutely no money out off this fan fiction. Don’t sue me. I barely have money to get my ass into college. Naruto isn’t mine.

The Story of You and I

Chapter I: Living Sin

~When crimson stains your hands
you will be freed from all worries
because you are the lone survivor


Uzumaki Naruto stared at the young man he had spent the last four years of his life searching for. Nothing had changed about him, nothing. Countless of battles and bloodshed had left the man's features hard and rough. Emotionless onyx eyes glared at him from the distant trees. Uchiha Sasuke stood proud in all of his glory as they exchanged wordless salutations.

His blood drummed furiously through his veins. His breath hitched as the leaves of the tree, where the raven-haired man had previously been standing on, shook. The blonde dodged a quick silver flash aimed for his shoulder.

Summoning chakra to the soles of his sandals, the golden-haired boy landed safely on the ground. Kunais were drawn in preparation for any other oncoming attacks. The other nin landed in front of him gracefully.

“Run away or you’ll die.” The missing-nin spat, his voice cold.

Nothing had changed with Uchiha Sasuke. He was still as cold and emotionless as ever. Power emitted from every pore on his body. Dark power that he had sold his friends and betrayed his village to get.

“I won’t be dying anytime soon,” Naruto answered calmly. “At least not until I’m finished with you.”

Naruto chuckled under his hunter-nin mask when the other turned to stare at him, a look of confusion upon his face. The advantages of having a mask on were countless. The main reason was to intimidate enemies into believing that they were actually fighting the animals encrusted upon it.

Bronze hands flew up to grab the punching fist. The drop in his defense immediately caused him to get hit as Sasuke’s kick connected with his stomach. Grunting loudly, he dropped to his knees as the pale hands gripped his blonde hair tightly.

Summoning a large swirl of chakra into his hand, Naruto sent his
attack forward. “Rasengan!”

It was easily swapped away by careless hands. His cerulean blue eyes widened as the other male picked him up from his knees. He cried out in pain when a hand flew to crush his neck.

“It ends here, weakling.”

“Too late, bastard.”

He saw red eyes widen momentarily before releasing him.

“Who are you?”

“Someone that you betrayed, Uchiha. Someone that you killed a long time ago.”

Scowling with impatience, Sasuke threw a kunai to knock the mask away. Pieces of the glass fox mask cascaded down without any resistance. The smaller nin made no move to cover his face as it was finally exposed to the world.


“I’ve come to take you back with me, Sasuke. And this time I won’t fail.”


“Come on Sakura-chan! I worked hard to get his ass back so you better go out on a date with me now!” Naruto whined as she pressed bits of ointment carefully onto his skin.

The medical-nin eyed his wounds sympathetically, light blue and purple bruises adorning the unbroken skin. She clicked her tongue loudly, but said nothing. Word had spread like wildfire that Naruto had brought Sasuke back, and she had been the first to witness the blonde’s heroic return. The civilians had cheered uncontrollably when Uchiha Sasuke entered along with him.

The pink-haired girl sighed, wrapping the bandages around his head to prevent any further bleeding. “You shouldn’t have pushed yourself so hard, Naruto. I can’t always heal your body like this. Your small body won’t be able to take any more of this so you have to be especially careful the next time you go into battle.”

Naruto clasped the soft hands before the medical-nin moved away. Wasn’t she happy that he had fulfilled the promise he had made to her? Uchiha Sasuke had been brought back safe and sound all thanks to him. “Are you mad at me, Sakura-chan?”

Shaking her head gently, she moved to sit on the rotating chair positioned across from him. “You’ve done more than anyone else could ever do, Naruto. However, if you were to die, I’d never be able to forgive myself. Even if Sasuke-kun was brought back, there’s no point in celebrating if you weren’t whole and well,” she whispered.

He watched the young woman clean the remaining wounds on his elbows, wincing when she pushed a little too hard on one particular cut. “I won’t ever do it again then.”

“That’s good.” Sakura smiled as she backed away. Sure Naruto now resembled a mummy but it was his fault for getting so beaten up. In the back of her head, she wondered if Sasuke was in the same state. “Do you know what today is, Naruto?”

“Is it your birthday? Crap, I’m sorry I didn’t buy you a present!” Naruto scratched his head embarrassingly for forgetting such an important date. But Sakura’s birthday was on the 28th of March and it was already July.

“No, it’s not my birthday. However, it is someone else’s birthday though.”


“It’s Sasuke-kun’s birthday. Don’t you think you should go and see how he’s doing? It’s been almost a week now that he’s returned to the village. I still don’t know how you did it, Naruto.” Sakura said.

The sheer curtains separated as the summer breeze whisked itself into the room. They turned to watch the white birds take flight. How did he win the fight? Blue eyes glossed over as Naruto turned away from the burning sunlight.

“I’ll see him later.”

“You should go and see Tsunade-sama first. She’s been worried about you for a while now.” Sakura commented.

He nodded obediently. Sakura closed her first aid kit, placing a chaste kiss on his cheek before leaving him to his solitude.

“I’m glad that you’re back, Naruto.”


“And what do you want me to do about it?” Naruto sighed indignantly as the great blonde Godaime explained her request to him again for the millionth time. “It’s not my fault if he’s a little loony up there okay? There’s no way in hell I’m going to do what I think you want me to do.”

A pang of hatred ran through his heart at the thought of the raven-haired young man. “He betrays Konoha and that’s all the punishment he gets? It’s not even fair at all. And now I have to deal with it? Isn’t this like punishing me? If I committed the sin that he did I wouldn’t even be standing here, would I? They’d sentence me to death at the blink of an eye.”

There was so much truth to his words that it scared her. Uchiha Sasuke had been spared because he possessed the village’s most important bloodline limit. He was the only one left and so any faults he had committed could have been easily overlooked.

“Please, Naruto?” She begged. “Besides, it’s not like you have a home to return to any more.”

Naruto stared at her, not fully comprehending the meaning of her words. “Say what?”

“Well, there were problems with your apartment so I needed to err . . . pawn it off to someone. So you can stay at his house during the mean time.”

His head greeted the hard wooden desk repetitively as she continued to plea desperately. The old hag had, without a doubt, gambled away his apartment as well as his life’s savings. Who would even take another person’s property as payment? Was that even allowed?

“- and you’ll have to move into Sasuke’s house for the time being.” Tsunade finished neatly with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“What the fuck?” Naruto screamed as he immediately ceased his head banging motions. Focusing his blue eyes, he rounded on the fifty-year-old woman. “Do you want me to die? He’ll kill me in my sleep! I hate his guts! Why don’t you just ask Sakura-chan or something? I’m sure she wouldn’t mind having him over!”

“No missions!”


“No training!”




Tsunade dove deep into her brain, in search of something that could make the boy succumb. What is the best possible threat? What threat would change his mind? This is Naruto. So what would get him? What is his lifeline? ‘Ah ha!’

She smirked evilly, leaning a perfect oval face into delicate hands. Words passed through controlled lips, nearly killing the blonde boy on the spot.

“No ramen . . . ever again!”

“OH MY GOD!!! NOT MY RAMEN!!!” Naruto shrieked, causing the hokage to plug up her ears.

Currently at the Hyuuga manor . . .

“Did you hear th-that, Neji-niisan?” A quiet pale-faced girl with eyes just as white asked. She paid for the lapse of attention when a hand collided into the side of her arm, blocking her chakra flow.

“Perhaps fate is calling you, Hinata-sama,” the older Hyuuga walked over to examine her arm for any excessive damage. After seeing none, he continued with their training.


Back at the Hokage’s Office . . .************************************************************************

“THAT’S INSANE!! HOW THE HELL DID YOU EVEN MANAGE COME UP WITH SUCH A STUPID IDEA? HOW ARE YOU GONNA GET RID OF ALL THE RAMEN IN KONOHA?!!!” He paused, his screaming wearing him out before continuing normally. “I don’t believe you and there ain’t no way that I’m living with that bastard,” the blonde grinned idiotically, proving his point.


“NO!” The small boy waved his hands in defeat. ‘Damn, I forgot the stupid woman was hokage. He breathed in heavily, slumping to the ground and surrendering to her demands.

“It’s not going to be that bad, kid.” Tsunade added to ease the troubled young man enveloped in self-pity.

“Easy for you to say, you’re not the one who’s going to be living with a suicidal, probably homicidal as well, maniac.”

The blonde woman coughed, asking for the boy’s undivided attention. “There is another thing that I want you to do as well.” She coughed again. “Look at this as a mission now, Naruto. I have a request. You must fall in love with Sasuke-kun, create a bond with him.”

The boy’s eyes widen comically. ‘Is she perverted?’

“What are you retarded? I’m a guy! He’s a guy! That’s sick! I want to wring his scrawny sad little neck . . .” he continued on with other threats of bodily harm to the raven-haired boy. He finished with a loud evil chuckle.

“You done yet?”

“Yeah. I had to get that out of my system.”

“Okay. Well then, you don’t have to actually fall in love with him. Fake it. Pretend that you love him. I don’t care. Just make sure that he cares deeply for you.”

“Why can’t I just be his friend? Isn’t that enough?” He asked. The idea of him becoming the other boy’s lover was ludicrous.

“I know that you are his best friend. You’re the closest person to him, probably the only person he has ever opened himself up too. However, this bond wasn’t strong enough to stop him last time. You brought him home this time, proving that he still has feelings for you. Don’t you want him to stay in this village? If you cared about him, do this much for him, Naruto.” The Godaime explained as she gathered her files that were currently scattered on the ground.

“I have no choice, do I?”

“No, no you don’t, kid.” She watched the blonde become lost in thought. ‘He probably already has feelings for you, but just doesn’t know.’ She observed the small sixteen-year-old's face. The boyish face that he had possessed in his earlier years had become refined, much more feminine. His golden hair was still as untamed as ever, and at the same time, softer as well. Locks fell just over his eyes, not fully covering orbs of brilliant cerulean. Eyes that had suffered, and yet still held so much hope and dreams. He looked like an angel, and he was. He was her angel.

Naruto ruffled his blonde hair, contemplating on another option. It was safe to say that he didn’t come up with anything. What he did for ramen sometimes.



“Yes, Naruto?”

His sober expression told her something was wrong. “I don’t know how long it will last. It’s sealed, but I don’t know how long it will take until it’s open again.”

So it had come to that. She stared empathetically into his dull blue eyes. “You’ve sacrificed so much, Naruto. I don’t think the village could ever understand how much you’ve given up.”

“When I become Hokage, they’ll learn how awesome I am,” Naruto grinned goofily.

She chuckled softly. “You’ll tell me if it progresses any further, you understand?”

“Its not going to be that bad,” a voice cut in and adding. “ You might find yourself in a very compromising positi . . . . errr . . . situation.”

“Kakashi-sensei!” Two blonde people screamed loudly, surprised by the man’s sudden appearance. Only one was allowed any time to respond.


Tsunade, the great Godaime, recently pulled from a very important . . . nap was none too happy in all honesty.. In fact, she should have created a law before she even took office. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WAS ALLOWED TO DISRUPT HER WHILE SHE WAS DOING WORK . . . like while she was sleeping.

Her displeasure was clearly written across her face as she glared at the silver-haired jounin, who was standing cooly in front of her

“Yes, Kakashi?” Tsunade grated through her teeth.

“Perhaps you have noticed that Uchiha Sasuke has been returned to the village for a period of almost a week, Tsunade-sama, and I would like to propose-”

“He will not be tending to any missions any time soon Kakashi,” The fifth hokage of Konoha announced, not bothering to cover up the bitterness in her voice. It was still much too soon to accept the so-called Uchiha ‘prodigy’ back into society, even though the village elders had freed him of any penalties. Naruto had nearly died trying to bring the raven-haired boy back from Orochimaru. It was still much too early. The events were still fresh in the minds of everyone. The majority of the people in the village didn't even blame Sasuke for making the decision to run away. Naruto, himself, smiled and collapsed when he arrived at the gates of the village, a wide grin adorning his features as fatigue took over.

“I brought him back, Tsunade-bachan.”

There was no second thought about whether he was going to die or not, just the welfare of the other boy. He never blamed the other boy. She, on the other hand, couldn’t afford to be so forgiving. She felt as though darkness still clutched at the stoic boy, almost unrelentingly. She snapped back from her thoughts when she heard a soft cough, reminding her of another presence in her office.

“I assure you, that’s not the case, Tsunade-sama.”

She snorted loudly. “I can’t hook you up with Jiraiya for public bathroom peep shows.”

Kakashi brightened up (it was rather hard to read his facial expression . . . with his one eye). He shook his head furiously. “That would greatly be appreciated but alas that is not the reason for this meeting. I feel as though Sasuke has still not returned to his right state of mind, disregarding his normal angst-driven, drama queen-like behavior.”

Tsunade watched the other man continue to bob his head up and down, only half paying attention to what he was saying. His hair remained perfectly straight up and in the exact same angle, regardless of gravity. ‘I wonder how much gel that takes,’ she wondered before addressing the problem at hand.

“And how exactly are we suppose to fix that? Lock him up in a nut house? As much as I’d like to have half of the village to be destroyed again, I’d rather stay away from the brat.” Sasuke was beyond even her hands now. That wasn’t to say that she was scared of him . . . of course not!

“We have a person develop some kind of relationship with him,” Kakashi suggested.

Tsunade looked at the jounin in front of her. She brought her hands up to rub her aching temples gently. ‘Why the hell didn’t they lock him up in a mental institution?’








The ever-graceful hokage knocked over all of her files off the desk, sending a shower of white papers in the air. She choked on her laughter. “What the hell are you thinking? They’ll rip each other’s throats out before the end of the week is over. Why the hell would you want Naruto to be an escort of Uchiha Sasuke? Are you mad? No, don’t answer that question. I already know the answer. I’ll have to say –”

“Before you reject my suggestion, please listen carefully to my explanation, Tsunade-sama. Who’s to say that Sasuke won’t leave again? After all, he left his village, his friends, everything, the first time and was not supervised. Naruto finally brought him back after all these years, with a heavy cost to pay. The demon inside of him couldn’t heal half of his wounds after the battle. How much damage can his small body take at one time before he completely gives out? Naruto does have a limit. He’s human. Revenge is also still in the boy’s mind. His brother is not dead yet and Akatsuki is becoming stronger and stronger each day. Having Naruto become that special person will allow him to stop Sasuke if he thinks of leaving again. They will grow to share a special bond that no one will be able to replace.”

Tsunade sighed. The man did bring up some very good points. Perhaps this will allow the raven-haired boy to return to his old self, and some extra protection around the brooding boy wouldn’t harm anyone. Personally, she couldn’t tell the difference. The quiet boy returned to his solitude right after Naruto had brought him home. He was as social as a dead log before, and four years later had done nothing to make him any more talkative.

“You can always use this opportunity to assess the potential of Naruto becoming the future hokage. Set them up to a few situations that would test his wits, patience, and strength as well.” Kakashi added in quickly.

She gave up, sighing tiredly. “Fine.”

‘Maybe this time around he’ll understand his mistakes.’ Kakashi silently prayed as the welfare of his former students laid out before him.

Flashback ends . . .

“If anything happens to him, you’ll answer to me, do you understand?” Tsunade warned the jounin as he placed the unconscious body into a box. “Uh, are you wrapping him up?”

“Yup! It’s going to be Sasuke’s present since it’s his birthday today.” He answered, hastily throwing the orange wrapping around the box. He poked small holes to provide some breathing space for the blonde.

She sweat-dropped as he dragged the box out of her office on his back. “I’ll see you later, Tsunade-sama. Wish me lots of luck!”


“Sasuke, open the door!” Kakashi cried out with a large wrapped package by his side.

Uchiha Sasuke glared at his door darkly. The female population had been very persistent with their happy birthday wishes. Grunting loudly, he pushed the first entrance open to meet his former teacher, Hatake Kakashi.

“What do you want?” He said frigidly, not wanting to talk to the jounin. What did the other man want? He wasn’t in the mood to hear the consequences of his actions.

“I’m delivering a present from Hokage-sama. I wouldn’t throw it away if I were you.”

“Yeah, sure whatever.” He slammed the door shut once the parcel was handed off to him.

The stoic young man sat on the ground, eyeing the present warily. The box was currently sitting in his living room. He was still wondering whether to open it or not. The wrapping and bow were strange looking as is. The bright orange wrapping clashed horribly with the navy blue ribbon that held the horrible wrapping together. Evidently, the Hokage was no gift-wrapping master. ‘What the hell is in this thing?’

He moved to tug the bow aside and rip the paper. His patience evaporated when he realized that the blonde woman was extremely anal. EVERY SQUARE INCH OF THE BOX HAD TO BE CAREFULLY WRAPPED IN PAPER AND DUCT TAPED PERFECTLY!

‘Finally!’ He pulled the lid off the box open, meeting a pair of bright blue eyes peeking out at him.


To be continued . . .

A/N: Thanks to Patty who was nice enough to beta this fic now. Hopefully it's grammar mistake-free now. THIS IS NOT A REPOST OF THE FIRST FIC. It's going to be entirely different from before.

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