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Kouketsu by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Ya, a new story xD

I had to do this, okay, I just HAD too.

I do NOT own Naruto.
(This is also because I`m sure Randomguy wanted Neji to get more love, right? -shot- xD)
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Seeing Double

Once again, Orochimaru had told her to go to Konoha for a visit, he had said that there was someone there she should meet, and she went along with it, but this time she dragged him along and they quickly went to the Hokage`s mansion, straight to Naruto.
When they got there, Nikki looked at Naruto and crossed her arms, "Call the ANBU squad and you`ll regret it, I`m here because my husband---" she was cut off as she noticed Naruto staring at her in disbelief.
She snorted, "Shut up and let me continue, anyways, AS I was saying, he says I have a living family member."
Naruto nodded, "I`m not so sure you`ll want to meet her, but fine, I`ll send for someone to get her," he paused for a second, "SAKURA!" he yelled.
The pink haired annoyance quickly ran in, "Yes, Hokage-sama?"
"Go get Kelsea-chan...." he muttered.
She looked over at Nikki and nodded, disappearing in a puff of smoke.

A few minutes later, a female, with the appearance of Nikki came back, the only differences was her clothing and hair. Her arms were bandaged up like Nikki`s, and her eyes were that same golden color.
Naruto sighed, "This, is your twin sister, Kelsea, she came here from the sound village about six years ago, after you left."
Neji walked in after Kelsea, and as soon as he saw Nikki, looked away from her.
Kelsea`s eyes narrowed as hers met Orochimaru`s, "Hmm, sensei, what are you doing here?"
Orochimaru smirked, "She dragged me along, against my free will."
Nikki was too busy staring at this girl who looked just like her, and the fact Neji was blushing.
Naruto started laughing, "Well, Nikki-chan, I`ll explain something, you two were seperated, because when you were together, you caused alot of trouble, especially when you summoned that stupid cat, or so I`m told. Kelsea was sent away to the Sound village and you stayed here, anyways, to get rid of your confusion about Neji, he is engaged to your twin, and Kelsea use to apparently have relations with your husband before you became his apprentance."
By now, Naruto was on the ground laughing, and both Kelsea and Nikki were staring at eachother in disbelief.
Nikki quickly came to her sense and hit Neji on the head, "BAKA! You replace me with my TWIN, are we that much alike? ARE WE?" Nikki barked.
Kelsea glared at Neji, "Are you serious? She was your old girlfriend that I remind you so much of? Now I know why I remind you of her, she is just like me!"
Both punched him in the arm, then looked at eachother again.
Kelsea was the first to speak, "So your married to old man?"
Nikki blushed, "He isn`t that old!"
"He should be past sixty by now...." Kelsea muttered.
"But he never growns old looking, and he is so cute too...." Nikki whined.
"Is there some kind of love fest in here?" Sasuke laughed, as he walked in.
Naruto stood up and almost tackled Sasuke to the ground with his hug, "SASUKE-KUN!"
Nikki laughed and Kelsea stared, still not quite aware of the situation.
"Kelsea-chan, you`ve summoned Eimin before?" Nikki asked casually.
Kelsea nodded, "Yup, he is still as stubborn and as sarcastic as ever."
Nikki nodded and then hugged Kelsea, "I can`t believe I have a long lost twin."
"Everyone knew about it, but you." Sasuke muttered, with that comment, he was soon hit on the head by Nikki.
"I should be going, but I do want to talk to Kelsea-chan...." Nikki muttered.
The four soon walked out and Nikki looked at Neji for a quick second, then looked ahead and sighed, getting ready to ask about everything, curious about her twin. She couldn`t believe Orochimaru kept this a secret and she was mad about it.

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