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Mikazuki no Mai by DancerOfShadows

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto.

Another fic?! Augh. Stupid brain, thinking up ideas while I need to sleep...Hopefully it'll turn out to be a good idea, though!

Oh, and this prologue is incredibly confusing. Don't worry, it's supposed to be.
Running across the ever-dark streets, bare feet skimming the filthy tar as they brought the owner of the feet further from their pursuers. Dull streetlights brightening the way just enough to see, and ears strained to hear the angry shouts coming from behind, fading into the night that never ended. Slipping into the shadows, heart thudding against the ribs as they ran past the hiding place, only to come to a dead end.

Followed quickly by them, always followed, never alone. Sore feet, sore mussels. Skin split by a shard of glass, continuing to run. All the while, they’re chasing, following like a pack of rabid wolves. Cornered into an alley, hands grasp the rungs of a ladder. Climbing up swiftly, both legs failing halfway up. Pulling now, dragging up the ladder. Onto the roof, and the ladder splits. Lying on the roof, looking at the polluted sky, breaths coming quickly and painfully. Hearing voices, knowing of the stairs. Standing slowly, looking around for a way out. Another roof, with an alley below, creating a gap between the two buildings.

Door bursts open, shouts and screams follow the runner. Feet leave the roof, flying over the gap, legs flailing. Crash onto the other roof, standing again, more slowly than before. Hands on knees, gasping for breath. Look up to see more coming.

Pain erupting in knees, causing sharp breaths to be released. Looking around helplessly, crumpling to the rooftop. Fight arising in mind, bringing body with it. Seeing them coming on all sides, leaving only one way out. Another rooftop, so far away. Truly impossible to reach, a stupid attempt it would be to even try and jump it. Yet fear and desperation causes people to do stupid things, so speed and strength was gathered.

Cries snapping through the air, cold blades flying past. Speed increasing with fear, pain vanishing as adrenaline came in. Feet lift from the roof, hoping to reach the other roof. Time seeming to slow, a sharp scream coming from the area as a blade tears into flesh. Tears of despair and hate flow freely as the knowledge of fate comes. Bones snap as they collide into the building. Darkness creeping in, overwhelming sight and consciousness.

“Don’t give up now, kid. If you do, you’ll never get to live.”

Hanging onto consciousness just barely, looking up to see the silhouette of a tall stranger. Past mistakes screaming orders to the feet to run, instinct soothing senses and murmuring to stay. Silhouette steps forward, drawing a katana from its sheath. Soothing senses dulling, screams strengthening. Silhouette walks past, begins to run, and leaps over the gap between the roofs, coming into bloody contact with the pursuers.

Fighting to stay awake, watching as the rooftop gained a shell of dried blood and the moon turned red, reflecting the scene below. Last of the pursuers fall, and Silhouette sheaths the sword, retuning to the runner with a leap. Weariness crashing in, consciousness fading. Wakefulness sustained long enough to see Silhouette bend and lift the runner into its arms.
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