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The Price of Love by Naruto_lovr

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Table of Contents

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-----New Author Note----

Naru: Ok, I finally got off my lazy butt to edit this story and to add a chapter to it. So enjoy the edited story and new chapter at the end. Returners ignore the regular author if you must and new comers enjoy.

-----Old Author Note------

Naru:   Yes!  I did it!  With in a week time I made the first chapter of the squeal to the story ‘The bet of love’ and I hope you guys enjoy this story as much as you did the last.  -Goes Cowboy Bebop blue style- And those who are ne to the scene and haven’t read the ‘The Bet of love’, you hip cats better go read that before you read this.
Yami Naru: -is Cowboy Bebop Blue style to- On the style today, we don’t own the groove show Naruto or it’s shack it dally characters.  But we do own our sweet and fine Oc’s that is in the story.  The groovy and eva so fine Naruto characters maybe a little OOC.  But Read and Review you hip cats of tomorrow.
Naru:   And one more thing my lushes hipsters, this will most likely turn out to be a Kakashi/Naruto fan fiction.  Ya’ll hear me.  A Kakashi/Naruto fan fiction for all you Yaoi fan hipsters out there.  Now enjoy and groove into the beat of the story and tune into the beat of the characters we love so dearly my sweet and fine readers of today.

P.S: If you read and hated most of ‘The Bet of Love’ well DEAL WITH IT! That was my first story and I got tired of edited the goddamn story! For new readers please read the first story to get an idea of what happen before you read this one then come back to this one. I have to say the sequel IS BETTER than the prequel, I hope. ENJOY MY READERS! READ AND REVIEW~!

“Naruto talking to Kyuubi’

‘Kyuubi talking to Naruto”

“Akamaru talking”
-Scene Change-


Chapter 1:  A price for silence

Emotions are a humans greatest weakness and strength. We can’t just give up on emotion completely, because we need them, so we remain silent about them. Ignore them when we don’t need them. But show them when want and don’t want them to.

In the thing called life we hate those emotions when things go wrong in it. Just remember we can’t get rid of our emotions no matte what, so remain silent. Silent to the emotions, but one person can’t stay silent to those emotions right now and that person was Uzamuki Naruto……….

I ran.  I ran some more.  Hearing the distances cries of my team, my children, calling my name, I only ran in till I got tired.  Only to find myself curled up in a ball on top of the Yondaime head.

‘After ten long years, ten fucking long years! Why did he do it? I should have seen this coming.  I did saw this coming.  I just ignored the problem in hope he would change.  It was only two years ago he became less active with me. That should have taken that as a sign, but I didn’t. I shouldn’t have ignored the signs of him changing. Hardly coming close to me, how we fought over stupid things, how he changed to a even more stoic bastard to me and how our marriage was going down the drain. That was my fault in a way; I was content, even if I was becoming lost in the crowd a year ago—’
“Love, what’s wrong?” I pleaded to Neji, making him turn to face me. I already knew this was going to turn out bad, another fight, third time this month.
“Nothing,” He bluntly stated as he turned away from me, “I’ll be back in the morning.” I watch him about leave out the house with nothing was given to me as a form of a goodbye, not kiss, no see you later love, just nothing.
“Neji…,” I trailed.  He stopped, hand on the door.  Not turning to look at me.
“What?” he asks me as he takes his hand off the doorknob. I got up out of the chair and went over to him.
“Why?  Why have you changed so much?  You’re not the same Neji I knew and loved,” I pleaded again as I hugged him from behind, few tears straining to break free from the prison known as my eyes. Neji reached for the knob again. 

I released him from my grasp of my embrace.  He turned his head, finally looking at me, looking directly into my crystal blue eyes that rivaled the oceans.  He turned completely this time and slapped me hard; leaving a red mark on my face.  I placed a hand on my cheek, he…he never done that before.
“Time passes, years go by and people change with the time.  Now leave me the hell alone and I’ll be back in the morning,” Neji darkly said, his white eyes nearly glaring at me, bits of hate in his eyes. I was worried, shocked, scared, and lost now.  Those emotions flashed across my eyes, and Neji smirked. 
Satisfied he walked out the house and slammed the door behind himself.  I fell to my knees and hugged myself as hot tears fell.  Sobbing heard through out the house.  I didn’t even acknowledge my kids in the doorframe, looking at me with said eyes.  I knew they wouldn’t tell anyone.  They knew I didn’t want anyone to worry over me.
-End Flashback-
“Now I know why he was attacked that way, never been close to me. Why he changed so much.  He was to busy fucking Kakashi lover Iruka for two years. I wonder if Kakashi knows,” I said, curling up into a ball.
“I know now, Naruto,” Kakashi said walking up beside Naruto. I looked up shocked.  Ten years pasted and he was still the handsome and unknown Kakashi-sensei. Well, my ex-sensei now. I smiled and uncurled myself.
“You heard me?” I asked looking up to him, still having that sad smile on my face. Silently wishing he would save me from this mess our lovers had made.
To be Continued……
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