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Dear Uchiha Obito... by DancerOfShadows

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto
Dear Uchiha Obito-sama,

How are you doing?

If you’re still in pain from that fight with the Rock-nin, then hopefully I can alleviate some of the ache by telling you how Kakashi is doing. Every morning, he decorates your and Rin’s graves with bouquets of flowers. Kakashi has dedicated an amount of time every morning to visit both of your graves as well as the monument of KIA shinobi. The time he allows himself to spend at your graves always varies, which causes him to be late for nearly everything. His team often complains, but he is always allusive of what he was really doing. You seem to have really lived on through him.

In what little free time he has, Kakashi has been working on a biography of your life, complete with a hand-drawn copy of a photograph of yourself that he found while and Rin were going through your belongings. Kakashi had embedded the original photo into Rin’s gravestone, as he knew that would be where she wanted it to be.

Konohagakure has gone through a lot of change since you left us. The new Hokage is Tsunade-sama, who I’m sure you remember from when she visited the village. She’s relatively strict, but also very kind. I’m sure you would have liked her.

Many more students have graduated from the Academy. Kakashi’s team, for example, is one of the best. It has Uzumaki Naruto, who has the Kyuubi sealed within him. In truth, Naruto reminds me a lot of you. His hair may be blonde instead of your black, but he is just as self-sacrificing- and he also loves ramen and wears orange! I’m sure you two would have made great friends.

There’s also a member of your own clan in Kakashi’s team as well. Sasuke’s more like Kakashi was than you, though. It’s hard to tell whether or not he’s a friend with Naruto anymore. When they were younger, it was simple, but Sasuke has been working on distancing himself from everyone in the past few years. I’m a bit worried that Naruto will end up giving his life to try and save Sasuke, like you did for Kakashi. Hopefully that won’t happen. There are enough fallen heroes as it is.

The third member is a girl with an uncanny likeness of Rin. She’s training as a medic-nin like Rin was, and she’s getting her training directly from Tsunade-sama! Her and Rin’s personalities are similar, as well. I think that they would get along well.

Well, Kakashi is asking me to read through and edit that biography I was talking about earlier.

We all miss you,


I let my pencil rest from its previous workout, looking at the paper more than just a little sadly. Sighing, I tucked the pencil over one ear and looked at the thick red notebook that Kakashi had set on my desk beside me. I leafed through the pages I had already edited, to a page bookmarked with a torn sheet of paper, and continued reading.

That night, when the sky was clear and cool and the bright cresent moon shone silver light through the leaves, I made my way to Obito's grave, holding my letter against my chest, as if even the slightest breeze would tear it from my grip. The letter was now laminated, so any rain that was sure to come wouldn't harm it.

I reached Obito's grave soon after leaving my house. I sat beside the gravestone, my sorrowful eyes set on the words inscribed on the stone.

"Heroes shall always live on in those they have saved."

I smiled sadly, and began to read the letter aloud. When I finished, I closed my eyes and sighed. After several minutes had passed, I opened my eyes once more, seeing a hazy white outline of a young boy with goggles. He smiled at me and then faded into the darkness.

I stared at the spot for a few moments, then smiled and stood. I stepped to the opposite side of the grave and squatted down. I brushed a bit of dirt away from the ground in front of me that had been marked with a kunai, revealing a thick stack of papers. I lifted the kunai and set the new letter on top of the others, then pierced the top with the kunai and spread dirt over the pile once more.

As I began to walk away again, I thought I heard a quiet, indistinct voice say, "Thank you." But when I looked back, there was nothing. I returned home with a smile on my face.
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