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Will Power by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: BWUHAHA! A little KishoxYasuo c: But Yasuo still likes a certain blonde headed girl -sighs- I`ll write more to this chapter later.

I do NOT own Naruto

Kisho sighed, watching Yasuo, "Nyeh, mabye I can get to be a really good friend of his, afterall, my mother always liked Temari...."
He blushed as Yasuo came over and sat next to him, "Hi Kisho-kun!" he said happily, "Can you give me any tips on getting Megumi-chan?"
At that moment, Kisho`s heart sank, "No, because I don`t spend enough time around her, she is too annoy---"
Megumi popped out of no where and hugged Kisho, "KISHO-KUN! I`m so happy to see you!"
Yasuo`s eye twitched, and Kisho looked ticked off, "Idiot...." he muttered under his breath.
Yasuo dragged Kisho off, Megumi waved, "BYE KISHO-KUN!"
Yasuo sighed, "Kisho, you know I like her, did you plan that?"
Kisho crossed his arms, "No, because I like somebody else.... if I did, it would only be to make the person I like jealous..."
Yasuo stared, "Who do you like?"
Kisho blushed, ".....You."
Yasuo blushed, "Me? But your a guy..."
"So?" Kisho said, hugging Yasuo, Yasuo simply nuzzled his neck a little.
Kisho smiled, "Most girls around here are so annoying anyways..." he whispered.
"For once the over confident Kisho is whispering?" he laughed as Kisho let go of Yasuo, blushing and looking away.
Yasuo laughed a little and ran off to find Megumi.
Kisho looked around, "I will kill that girl one day....." he hissed, looking even more ticked off at the female who was crazy over Kisho.
Naruto and Sasuke poofed next to Kisho with huge grins, Kisho twitched, "I`LL KILL YOU TWO!"
Sasuke and naruto just laughed, Kisho knew what they were laughing and smiling about.
"Idiots...." Kisho muttered Sasuke put a hand on Kisho`s shoulder.
"I know how you feel kid, Sakura got in the way like Megumi is doing right now, but sadly, you can`t kill them...."
Kisho glared at him, "I can too!"
Naruto hit him on the head, "He means you shouldn`t...."
"Whatever...." Kisho muttered, crossing his arms.
Sasuke and Naruto bursted out laughing at him, and Kisho continued pouting.

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