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Will Power by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: I`m going to work on my other stories soon xD

This is about Chijou and Kakashi`s son mainly, so ya c:

Naruto does NOT belong to me
The Orange Book

The silver haired boy was walking to the place where his sensei told him and the rest of the team to go, when he got there, he saw his two other team mates, Yamanaka Megumi and Nara Yasuo.
"Hi!" he said cheerfully, only getting a glare from Yasuo and was soon hugged by Megumi.
"Kisho-kun! I can`t believe we`re on the same team!" she giggled as Kisho tried to push her off.
After about an hour of waiting, their sensei finally decided to show up and a 20 year old Naruto was standing in front of them, smiling.
Kisho crossed his arms, "Naruto-sensei, my mother said you never use to be late.... what happened?"
Naruto smiled, "You know kid, you remind me of a friend...."
Kisho hit him on the head, "I am Hatake Kisho, son of Kakashi and Chijou."
He put Kisho in a headlock, "I knew that!"
Kisho glared at him, "You should, you`ve known me since I was little, you idiot....."
Megumi stared, "You know, Naruto-sensei, you can look for Sasuke and I`ll be here, keeping Kisho company!"
Naruto stared at her, "I really would like Kisho staying alive...."
Just then, Chijou appeared on a rock, smiling, "Hey Naruto-kun! How`s my Kisho doing?" she then looked at Megumi and walked closer, "Nyeh, Ino`s kid, great, someone who was as weak as Ino and Sakura.... Naruto has his work cut out for him...."
Naruto smiled, running over and hugging Chijou, "CHIJOU-SENSEI!"
Chijou stared at Naruto, pushing him off, "I`m just here for a second, I have a team of my own, unfortunately, I have Sakura`s daughter on my team, as if knowing her mom wasn`t as annoying enough. Those eyebrows, not as bad as Lee`s, but so close..." she said shuddering and with that she disappeared in a puff of smoke.
Naruto blinked, "Nyeh, I feel sorry for her.... anyways, tell me about yourselves..."
Megumi was the first to answer, "My name is Yamanaka Megumi, I like color, boys, especially Kisho, and just about everything! I hate him," she said, pointing at Yasuo, "I also hate sadness, people who underestimate me, and death!"
Naruto twitched, "Okay.... deja vu... anyways, you," he said pointing at Kisho.
Kisho smiled, "Well, I like many things, you, my father, my mother, and Yasuo, as well as a few other things, especially ramen and those books my dad reads. I dislike Megumi, Sakura`s girl, whatever her name was, and many other things...."
Naruto nodded and pointed at Yasuo.
Yasuo sighed, "My name is Nara Yasuo, I like Megumi and Kisho, actually, I really liked Megumi," he said, blushing a little, "I like staying around at home, I hate loud things and working hard...."
Naruto sighed, "And I get the team with slackers...."
Kisho chuckled as Megumi once again clung to his arm, even after he said he didn`t like her, and Yasuo was staring at Megumi while Kisho was smiling at Yasuo.
Naruto shook his head, "This reminds me so much of my old team... Sasuke, Sakura, and me..."

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