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Kankurou`s Dream by Nikki_Yaoi

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Chapter notes: Sappy-ness Galore, if you read Fatal Love you should be able to understand this more.

I do NOT own Naruto
Passionate Love

"Oh, Kankurou, I love you!" she whispered to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
Kankurou smiled at her, kissing her gently.
"Neji and Orochimaru could never compare to you!" she said lovingly, putting her head on his chest and blushing.
Kankurou stroked her head, he loves feeling her against his chest, her soft hair against his hand. He untied the ponytail, so that the rest of her hair fell into place.
She closed her golden eyes, "Kankurou, I hope this isn`t a dream, I hope we`ll be together forever, and nothing can split us apart," she whispered, kissing him.
Kankurou nodded, "I never want to leave you, please, stay with me and never leave my side...."
She sighed, "Never, never again will I leave your side, I`ll never see you hurt, because I love you Kitty Boy."
"You are all I`ve ever wanted, you`re my friend, you were my crush when I was younger, and now, you are the most important thing in this world, Nikki...."

Kankurou smiled in his sleep, "Nikki, I love you...." he`d say, or "Neji and Orochimaru were never good enough for you...."
His speaking had woken up Temari and Gaara who were now close to laughing, their brother, pathetically love sick, with a girl who was in love with a crazy man, and she obviously had no plan of leaving him for Kankurou anytime soon.
Temari shook Kankurou, him jumping up and glaring at his siblings, "I was having a good dream...."
Gaara smirked, "Oh Nikki, I love you too!" he mocked, Temari giggling a little.
Kankurou crossed his arms, "I was hoping it wasn`t a dream...."
Temari put a hand on his shoulder, "Give her time, Kankurou, you never know, I mean, she left the Hyuuga, so you never know, mabye your dream will become reality someday."
Kankurou smiled, only hoping his sister was right, and that one day mabye everything would change for the better.
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