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Evil Angel by DancerOfShadows

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Chapter notes: Ah. Not from Sasuke's POV, but about him. I'm getting better (ha). Not telling you the POV- if you can't figure it out by the end of the fic, then you make me sad. Of course, I'm pretty subdued at the moment. Remind me to not in a while listen to "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin (it's actually a really good song) repeatedly. (Is it just me, or did that sentance come out weird?)

Anyways. Here it is...
I lie in bed, the covers tight around me in attempt to ward off the chill that seeped through the walls of my heart throughout the rest of my soul. The summer night was dark and clear, the moonlight spilling in through my window to rest on a framed photograph that had been turned on its face, its back illuminated in the heavenly light. Nightly creatures moved outside, taking their time though half of it had already been used up. It was midnight. I knew it by feeling, not by a clock.

I shivered, pushing the useless blankets off my cold body, and stood. The wood floor was warm to the touch, but my coldness spilled out onto it, turning it to ice. I padded to the photograph, a hand hovering over it. The hand blocked some of the moonlight, but most went onto the photograph, beckoning me to turn it over. My fingers moved of their own accord, turning the frame over to reveal the picture.

It shouldn’t have made a difference, anyways. The image had been burned into my mind for years.

Three teenagers and a man. The man was leaning over slightly, his hands resting on the head of a scowling blonde and an irritated raven-hair. In the middle was a pink-haired girl, looking cheerful enough to cover for the two boys.

I felt tears gather in my eyes, but I forced them away. They would have frozen, anyways. I had cried too much. I didn’t want to cry anymore, but my resignation would falter often. Yes, Naruto and Kakashi-sensei and Lee and all the others were wonderfully kind. But there was that one person who froze my heart.

I had known him as an angel…even when I learned of his past and his determination. I was na´ve. He was an angel, true, but an evil angel. A corrupted angel. A fallen angel. Worst of all, I still loved him. What did that make me? I didn’t know. But I did know that my love for him was slowly killing me. No one could completely love an evil angel without being hurt, whether intentionally or not. I’m sure that it wasn’t even his fault. An angel was what he had been born; an evil angel was what he had been made.

His frozen heart had chilled mine, and now mine was freezing as well. There was no way to melt it once it was completely iced over. I had tried to fix his heart, tried to melt it to allow him to feel, but nothing had worked. I was too late to help him. He had already fallen. His wings had already faded to black. His halo had already fallen and he had grown horns. His innocence had already been shattered, and the curse of isolation had already done its work upon his psyche. He was an evil angel, but I loved him.

Did that make me an evil angel, too?
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