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The Crazy House by Nikki_Yaoi

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: This is my first story here, I hope you like it.

Remember: All characters, besides Nikki and Jessica do not belong to me.
Nikki and Jessica: -reading familiar orange book- OH HI! Welcome to our house, we are now the most highl---
Nikki: -shoves book to Jessica and whistles- Well as I was saying we are the most highl--
Jessica: -mauls Kakashi- MINE!
Nikki: Well lets try this again, we are the most highl---
Orochimaru: HI NIKKI!
Nikki: -eye twitch- NO MORE INTERUPTING ME! -mauls

Haku: -walks in and stares at the two fights- Well, as she was saying, we are the most highly rated show, like ever.
Zabuza: -points at Haku- I thought you were dead!
Haku: I thought you were dead too! -hugs Zabuza-
Nikki, Jessica, Kakashi, and Orochimaru: Aaawww!
Nikki: You check upstairs?
Sakura: Why would they be up there?
Jessica: -snickers-


Sakura: SASUKE! -walks into Naruto`s room- Naru--- Oh MY GOSH!


Nikki: -hears screams- I guess she found out that Naruto and Sasuke were together the hard way. -giggles- Go fish!
Orochimaru: Seriously, was she seriously blind or something? -picks card-
Haku: I kno-- Fu--- -gets mouth covered by Jessica- I lost all my money!
Jessica: But we weren`t betting anything.... o_o
Sakura: -falls down stairs- Sasuke... is... gay! -dies-
Zabuza: Well, that saved me some work....

*10 minutes later**

Sasuke: Hey guys, what happened to Sakura?
Nikki: Oh, she found out you were gay.
Sasuke: Oh....
Naruto: -falls back laughing- And they call me stupid!
Sasuke: Dobe....
Nikki and Orochimaru: She acted like this when she saw us hugging...
Kakashi: You two?
Orochimaru: Yup.... I WIN!
Nikki: You suck.
Gaara: -walks in- Oh no, it`s Jessica and Nikki -heads for the door-
Nikki: Oh no you don`t -presses big yellow button and watches all the doors get locked and turn all metal like-
Gaara: Crap.... -glomped by Jessica and Nikki-
Orochimaru: -pulls Nikki and Jessica off Gaara and mauls him- No stealing Nikki!
Nikki: Awww
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