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A night to remember by akatsukixkain

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

What it says above...thankyou, please enjoy ^_^
Its dark outside, yet the moon glows a synnister shade of crimson. A wolf howls in the distance as screams of terror fill the air. There are sillouhettes of katanas piercing their victims body, as blood falls to the ground like crushed red roses fluttering in the breeze. Then all falls still. Awakening in the evening massacre, a figure stalks the night, eyes glowing red without any traces of human emotion, that man was Uchiha-Itachi.
Sasuke died everytime he went to sleep.The memories that his brother gave to him, the gore, the pain, the sorrow and the loss of his family. It wasn't just painful to him, it was horrifying. Everytime he closed his eyes, flash...flash screams absorbed in the young childs mind until he could no longer take it. He used to stay awake at night, till eventually the horror went away...but really the horror never went away...Itachi killed them all, his own flesh and blood
The night stalker has awoken once again. His thirst for blood alive. Haunting their shadows and keeping to their path, the predator hunts for its prey, accompanied by another monsterous beast, the S-rank criminal from the Hidden Mist village, Kisame. They were partners in mass murder, along with 7 other renegade ninjas they were the akatsuki ( meaning red dawn).

Alone....there are drips of water, its damp and musky in the room. Naruto can sense a prescence in the room, but at the chance to look around sees nothing, so he lies back down. Emptiness now consumes his heart as he no longer has a best friend. Sum how he wishes someone was there. *BANG!!!!!* Pain strikes his head as the world around his becomes blurred and dissappears.
He awakens in what looks like a torture dungeon, clasping his head he attempts to sit up.
' Ah so you have finally awoken Naruto-kun?...'
Wait...that voice was so familiar....
'sasuke...sasuke is that you?' he wimpered. can't be sasuke it lacks even more emotion than his voice.
Naruto looked up to the face of murder, Uchiha - Itachi. Naruto knew what would happen next so he swerved out of the way to intercept the punch thrown by his captor, Bound by chains he could not block the attack, and so he took a full blown strike to the chest, he gasped for air, he was hurting in so many places. Panicking in Itachi's presence naruto tried to struggle free, but the chains pulled harder, cutting deep into his wrists and leaking the blood he so needed right now...
Just at moment Itachi hovered a little above narutos knees and purched down on top of him.
'Oh Naruto-kun, lucky for you we have made other plans, while you were out cold for a week, we did tests on you and tried to extract the nine tailed fox demon within you, but failed as the seal placed on you is too strong, no... our plans should be alot less painless'
Naruto saw the look of sheer lust in Itachi's eyes, Itachi came closer,and closer to naruto and licked up his throat hissing like a python...Naruto shivered and tried backing away but, his tried were all in vain.
Now whispering Itachi continued ' Instead of extracting the Kyuubi's chakra, after noticing how well you have fused to it, we decided to let you live, on one condition though, you are our weapon'
Pulling himself closer to the young boy, Itachi un-bound Naruto from the chains , yet bound his body up with his own chakra so he couldn't escape. Picking up the newly Petrified body, Itachi cradled it and carried it out of the room, Naruto was about to join with the murderous group member, that massacred his own clan for power ....Uchiha Itachi.

Maybe he did it to find his long lost friend sasuke, who knows
read on then i post the next chapter
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