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Promises by DancerOfShadows

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Chapter notes: Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto.
I had made many promises in my lifetime, all of which I held to me as important as my life. A promise was an oath, and if it wasn’t brought to life, then it meant that I had failed myself. Promises, to me, were more important than anything else. If a world was without promises, then what was it? Nothing. How do I know that, you wonder? How am I so sure that the world was nothing without promises?

Because I looked back upon all the promises I held, all the promises I completed. But also because I look back upon all the promises I broke, all the promises I failed. At first, there was only one. It was an important one, though, important not just to me, but to many friends. It was the most important promise I knew, and I broke it.

After that, I began to view the world differently, as if through another’s eyes. I saw the world through one who knew pain and loss, through one who knew despair and the emptiness of promises. I realized, slowly, how stupid I had been, how pointless my words and actions had been.

Not everyone can be saved. I was stupid in thinking I could make the world right, thinking that I alone could fix all the world’s faults. And stupid enough to even promise that I would do just that.

Every time I broke a promise, a part of me died. I had nothing, I was nothing, and my words and actions meant nothing. I was a failed being, a loss of work. I was hopeless, lost, and broken, like all the promises I once held in such high regard. What point was a promise if the person speaking it was dead, as I was to the world?

A promise was just a word. It held no meaning to me. Maybe to others, who hadn’t unwillingly traveled the dark paths of the world, but not to me, not to a broken, empty body. Not everyone would be like I was, and not everyone would be like I am. I was alone in my mind, distanced in my heart. I was lost.

A promise was nothing.
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