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Naruto's Cinderella Story by playin_lover

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Table of Contents

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Chapter notes: umm... all comments and reviews are welcome no matter how harsh or painful they might be.
Disclaimer: okay i don't own Naruto or any other character from the series, i just mess with their minds. If you guys want me to continue with this story, I need feedback people to see what you guys what to see. Or else i wont continue!
Naruto's Cinderella Story By: Starcrossed_lover
'Monster! Monster! Monster!' Naruto tossed and turned, but no amount of comfort from his soft warm bed could make him sleep. Since the age of five Naruto had been abused, teased, or merely ignored. Now at the age of fourteen he still believed those words, the whispers of hell, every one said would be his road after life. They said even the devil was a good man compared to Naruto. His crime, being born the same night that the great Kyuubi attacked the village, and having Yondaime, the man named the Fourth Hokage of Konoha, seal the spirit of that very fox into him. Naruto was frowned upon, called murderer, but then the Third judged him as a friend and set a law, a law making every one that witnessed what happened that fateful night to a vow of secrecy. But still hate for the boy still lives on through the attitudes of those elderly citizens. ' Monster! Monster! Monster!' the voices would not die. He felt the cuts on his wrist throb through the bandages. He also felt the Kyuubi laugh at his futile attempt at suicide.

' Monster! Monster! Monster!' the voices taunted. ' I can't take it anymore! Someone... Please help me! Anyone...' he cried silently knowing no one would help him. He stood up and walked to the window, a shooting star whizzed by. 'I wish some one would come along and help me' and Naruto laid down on the window chair and stared into the stars. Not long did it take him to cry himself to sleep. ' Monster! Monster! Monster!' the voices taunted him in his sleep.

Fourteen-year-old Sasuke looked up at a dark window, he swore he saw some one there. The persons hair had flashed in the light, he had caught a glimpse of it in the corner of his eye. It was a blonde boy, ' it probably was my imagination' Sasuke thought. The cardboard box slipped nearly slipped out of his hands. He was moving to a new part of the country because the Uchiha clans bloodline had grown large. "Sasuke, move a leg!" an elderly man cried out, quite a distance from where the raven haired boy was standing. "Coming father!" he cried. He glanced back up at the window and ran back to his father.

As he walked alongside his family he felt a gust of chakra from some one filled with... with sorrow, the sorrow was almost too overwhelming that he felt his eyes water, but somehow it had hope in it too. But not much it was a sliver a tiny sliver of hope. Sasuke looked up into the sky and saw a shooting star, 'I wish that person could be happy...' Sasuke wished on the star.

Chapter 2: A Strange First Impression
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